How to Grow Your Business, Develop Your Ideas, and Have Fun in the Process

How to Grow Your Business, Develop Your Ideas, and Have Fun in the Process

Have you been searching for a place to test your ideas?

Do you have big plans for the future but need help figuring out how to get started?

If you have, I've been in your position. A lot.

You and I are creatures of habit. We generally do what we know and hang out with who we've always hung with.

But if we're going to take our success to the next level, we have to get help. We have to surround ourselves with like minded people who are going in the same direction as us.

I want to invite you to a special event I'm hosting to offer you the opportunity to grow your business, test your ideas, and have an awesome time in the process!

Vision for your business

I can attribute much of the success I've seen over the past several months to my mastermind groups. In these groups, we share our ideas and give (and get) invaluable feedback.

In February of this year I had the opportunity to participate in an even at the local chamber of commerce. During this meeting, a local business owner presented his new business, outlined his plans for the future, and asked for feedback from the group.

As a member of the audience, I shared advice, critiques, and suggestions for this new entrepreneur.

I really enjoyed the experience and I know the guy presenting gained incredible insight into his business from the collective expertise, experience, and brain power of the people, like me, in the audience.

Through the power of a brief mastermind, that entrepreneur will be able to make his business a success.

Because I benefited from the experience so much, even though I wasn't the one sharing about my business, I was inspired to bring a similar experience to this community.

I want to help other aspiring entrepreneurs gain clarity about their business and develop a solid foundation for their futures.

To accomplish my goal, I created Mastermind Weekend.

If you enjoy camping (yes, we'll be in tents) and know the benefits of a mastermind group, Mastermind Weekend is for you.

Designed for entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and people who want to choose themselves as the masters of their future, Mastermind Weekend will connect you with like-minded people who can offer expert advice to help you grow.

The Purpose of Mastermind Weekend:

  • To provide you with the opportunity to get honest feedback from other business leaders.
  • To help you to network with like-minded people, share about your business, and learn about the challenges others are facing.
  • To offer the support that comes from knowing you're not alone.
  • To guide you through developing new ways to build and grow your business.

What is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind is a small group of individuals who come together for the benefit of the group. Masterminds are based on the idea that success takes teamwork and that none of us are as good as all of us. Masterminds exist so we can leverage the collective intelligence, education and expertise of the entire group. And we're going to share our knowledge while camping!

What will be doing all weekend?

You can find full details here, but we'll be spending the weekend in an intense discussion designed to provide you and your business with the best possible chance of success. From Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, every activity is intended to maximize the value to you and create a fun and supportive atmosphere.

How will Mastermind Weekend help you?

Over the course of the weekend, you're free to ask me whatever questions you want. I'll share with you everything I know about building a business, becoming a full-time entrepreneur, creating websites and training videos, podcasting, marketing and personal development. My goal is to have everyone who attends walk away with a clear idea how they're going to build their business over the next six to twelve months.

I have to admit, I'm pretty stoked about this event. I don't know of any other way you can get this kind of information, at this cool of a venue, for this great a price (I've paid way more money for way less value)!

Think of Mastermind Weekend as an investment in yourself, your business and your future. Every person who has ever achieved something great has had adviser helping them along their way.

Nothing great has ever been achieved alone.

If we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, and we're not where we want to be or living the life we want to live, maybe it's time to find new people.

Mastermind Weekend could be the kick in the pants you've been waiting on and looking for! Registration is open until April 21st at 11:59pm!


Sorry ladies, due to the venue, it's guys-only this round

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