How to Sell Your Idea Even if You're Not a Salesman

How to Sell Your Idea Even if You’re Not a Salesman

We all have ideas. Some of them are plans for a project or something we'd like to do. If you've ever had in idea, an inkling of thought about something you might want to do or accomplish, how do you make sure your idea doesn't suck?

How can you tell if your idea is worth pursuing?

Over the past few weeks I've been working on a super-special, top-secret idea. At first, as is the case with many un-validated ideas, I wasn't sure if I was on to something or if I should just let it go.

This past weekend, I shared my idea with fellow bloggers, podcasters, financial advisers, writers, counselors and teachers. As I asked them questions and learned about their challenges, I quickly became convinced that this idea was not something I should let go.

In fact, I learned my idea is something I have to do!

I'll share more about my project in a bit, but first I'll share how to sell your idea without having to sell your soul.

How to Sell Your Idea Without Selling Your Soul

We both know it but you and I don't always talk about it. You know it's true but you'd rather deny, deny, deny.

There is an undeniable truth. That truth?

You are a salesman.

Most people either don't realize it or don't want to admit it, but it's true. We all have something to sell.

Whether it's our time to a corporation, our books to a reader, or our instruction to students, each of us sells something to someone.

Good selling is simply sharing your passion with the people who could benefit from what you know!

Here is how you can sell your idea without selling your soul

1: Get feedback

The first thing I did to validate my idea was to ask close friends and advisers for their feedback.

I asked, “This is what I have in mind; what do you think?” and I sat back and I listened.

If you have an idea, see if it's worth pursuing before you spend a ton of time and money on making it into a reality no one is interested in buying.

2: Get even more feedback

The first person I shared my idea with wasn't on board immediately. But after we talked for about fifteen minutes I was able to pinpoint his pain and integrate the solution into my project.

I literally asked, “So, what is something that you're struggling with regarding [my super-secret idea]?”

My question was asked out of a desire to learn and his response was given out of a desire to solve his problem. There was no hard selling, just two guys trying to find out to make a difference.

3: Tailor your idea to align with the feedback

The more people I talked to the clearer my idea became. Like David slowly revealing himself to Michelangelo, my idea was beginning to take shape.

As you learn the needs of your target audience, begin integrating your solutions to those needs into an outline.

If you solve a person's problem, they'll love you for it. If you help a person reach their goals, they'll tell someone else about it.

Both of these things are good for your idea and great for your business. Every person I spoke with gave me at least one bullet to add to my outline and plan.

Doing these three things, if done correctly and thoroughly, will be a large portion of getting your idea moving in the right direction.

4: Test your idea

Now that you've determined your idea isn't crap, and you've gotten feedback from people in your target market, it's time to test.

If you really believe your idea, product or service will change the world for the better, I truly believe it's your duty to share it.

This is where things will be very difficult for me. This is where an idea becomes implementation, where theory transforms into reality.

Testing my idea means I will have to put my creation out into the world for it to be judged.

Here is where you come in!

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Here it is!

After researching, tweaking and talking with people just like you, I've found that there is a group of people who need help.

Who are those people?

They're writers, entrepreneurs and business owners who have started a blog or a website but don't know what to do next. They're people who have found a web host, they've installed WordPress, and they have a couple of posts and a few pages, but they don't know what to do next.

I've started a website to share all that I've learned about getting a blog off the ground.

On this site (WhatsNextBlogging) share how I've gone from 25 million in the Alexa traffic rankings to the top 200 thousand.

I share how to analyze your traffic to get the best results and discover where your audience is.

I share how to set up affiliate programs and how you can start getting your site to pay for itself.

I share the best of what I've learned by managing a $15 Million business for a Fortune 50 company to help you get moving.

And way more!

I edited this post to update the links. Visit to see free and premium video tutorials and “how-to” videos to take your blog to the next level!

5: You Ship It

As Seth Godin says, real artists ship. Now that you've taken your idea, molded it based on feedback, and tested it to make sure it works, it's time to put it into production.

That's what I will do over the next six months. I will have all of the edges smoothed out and the format polished.

That is what you must do as well. If you have a product that will make someone's life easier, better, or happier, you have to ship it.

If you do what I've outlined here, you can sell anything. You don't have to sell your soul to sell your product.

Question: What are you working on that needs feedback? What idea do you need to test and ship? How can I help you do that?


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  • Dan Erickson says:

    Sounds like a good plan, Ellory.

  • Dan Erickson says:

    Sounds like a good plan, Ellory.

  • I just launched a free resource for others looking to boost their energy and focus. I was sitting on the idea for the longest time, it just so happens I made it available for free just this past week!

    I am also passing along your info to a few I know who are looking to launch!

  • I just launched a free resource for others looking to boost their energy and focus. I was sitting on the idea for the longest time, it just so happens I made it available for free just this past week!

    I am also passing along your info to a few I know who are looking to launch!

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