How to Use Content Marketing to Stand Out From the Competition

How to Use Content Marketing to Stand Out From the Competition

The other day, I walked into the hospital where my wife works. I was going to pick her up for dinner. While waiting in the lounge area, I noticed a huge TV with page after page of hundreds of doctors who saw patients at that hospital. And, after each name were the initials, M.D.

The wall of names got me thinking about how all of these doctors' names looked the same. They all had the same credentials, they all had the same degrees, and they all had the same letters at the end of their name.

In a way, they were completely anonymous. Each doctor was virtually indistinguishable from the others. There was no difference.

When everyone has credentials, having those credentials isn't a distinguishing factor. You need something else. This is where content marketing can be your competitive advantage.

Whether you're a doctor or a mechanic, a restaurant owner or an author, a blogger, podcaster or business coach, here is how you can use content marketing to stand out from the competition.

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