It's 2016. Why Aren't You on the Internet?

It’s 2016. Why Aren’t You on the Internet?

It was 3 pm on a Monday afternoon. rc15ct, Fluffydragonn and I were in the Dark Zone. Though it was the next day for Fluffy, it was the middle of the night for RC and me.

Over the course of a few hours, I learned that my new friends lived around the world; Fluffy on the eastern side of Australia in Queensland, RC in Connecticut, and me, in Texas. Together we raided and rampaged through the fictional Manhattan war zone in Tom Clancy's latest game, The Division.

The Division Power of the Internet Opportunity

Through the power of the internet, we three, RC, Fluffy and I, were able to join forces to battle evil in a city in which none of us lived, all without leaving our couches. You may not like video games, and you may not think much of the people who play them, but you can't ignore the power the internet has to bring people together.

At no other time in history have there existed better tools than we have today to build an online business and reach new audiences . If you've got an idea, a product, or something you're passionate about, the tools exist, today, for you to take what you love and turn it into a business.

The Power of the Internet

One of my mastermind clients, Amy, loves the game World of Warcraft. Though I don't play anymore, I'm very familiar with the world of Azeroth and how much fun it can be to face new challenges, meet new people, make new friends, and dive into a world of trolls, wizards, elves and undead.

As with any popular product, World of Warcraft has created an opportunity for people to make money selling complimentary products and accessories on the side. Things like writing fan fiction, creating wikis with sponsored ads in the sidebar, or even farming in-game currency to sell to the over worked and under played.

The iPhone created a billion-dollar global accessories market, and other products are doing the same. Can you imagine if you'd been the first person to invent the iPhone case?

There are opportunities out there for everyone who is willing to take a chance, try something that might not work, and leverage the tools available to them to do something amazing.

Real estate agents can use the internet to show houses to people out of state.

New consultants, by putting up a few key pages, can start getting clients and begin building their reputation.

Landscaping companies can drive traffic back to a landing page and get homeowners to schedule their first appointment without ever having to pick up the phone.

Chiropractors, doctors, and dentists can leverage the power of the internet to build relationships in their community and fill their schedules.

I know because I've helped them do it.

Even if it's just a single page with your headshot, email address, a fifty-word bio and phone number, you need to have a website.

Even if it's just a long sales page restating your resume or CV, or an interactive illustration of your accomplishments

Robby Leonardi interactive resume

… you need a website.

What's a DwizzyWid?

Back in 2014, not long after I got fired from my corporate job, I started a company called DwizzyWid Media. Building websites, doing SEO and blogging were all things I knew how to do. So, I decided to put my skills to good use and do for other people what I'd done for myself.

Over time, I began to see that the world needed more entrepreneurs, and I made it a goal to create a culture of entrepreneurship. We can make the world a better place by taking ownership of the results we get and by placing ourselves in the driver's seat.

My company, now a few years old, is primed and ready to help make it happen and create an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive without having to worry about the details.

By the way, DwizzyWid is an acronym (DWYSYWD) that stands for Do What You Say You Will Do, and that's the philosophy my team and I use with every client. If I want to make the world a better place by empowering and equipping entrepreneurs with the mindset and the tools they need to succeed, I have to start by keeping my word.

Video Games

So, here I was, playing Tom Clancy's The Division on my PlayStation 4, with two dudes across the world, and I'm kind of in awe at the power of the internet. We don't have to know how it works to understand its usefulness and appreciate its power to bring people together.

It's 2016. There's nothing stopping you from doing something amazing.

Interested in what DwizzyWid Media could do for your business? Click here.


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