Leadership Is Not An Idea. Here's What it Really Is...

Leadership Is Not An Idea. Here’s What it Really Is…

Leadership is not an idea. It's not a concept, theory or a philosophy. Leadership is a behavior. It's something we do.

As you think about leaders and leadership someone you admire may come to mind. Their leadership may inspire you to be a leader or it may encourage you to follow them. Whatever causes you to think of them as a leader, it's not because of the ideas they have, the concepts they envision or the philosophy they live by. You think of them as leaders because they took action against these things and put them into motion.

The result of their taking action is what affects our lives and is what we actually react to. In fact, if the leaders in our lives never made the decision to act upon their ideas, concepts and philosophies and taken the path into the unknown, the world would not know of their abilities and have benefited from their influence.

When you think about becoming a leader, you may think of attributes and qualities that you want to embody but at the end of the day, you have to lead by action. You could start by building out your personal board of directors, you could train and mentor others and you can set a series of goals. But none of these would be possible if you didn't first take action. You have to share your ideas with those around you if they're to realize and acknowledge your brilliance.

It was Winston Churchill who said,

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

No matter how great your plan, no matter how revolutionary or fantastic your idea, neither will never amount to anything unless you put pen to paper, place one step in front of the other, and turn your ideas into actions.

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So what about you? Who comes to mind when you think of leadership? What do you think are attributes that make a good leader? Let's have a conversation below!


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  • Chris says:

    Love the ideas behind real leadership requiring meaningful action

    • ellorywells says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Chris. Through action I believe leaders will naturally rise in any situation. Behavior is where leadership theory meets the real world.

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