Let's Connect! Where Can I Find You?

Let’s Connect! Where Can I Find You?

I want to deliver content in the format and location that is most convenient for you. I know that you might have a different social media preference than me. I know that not everyone is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. So, if at all possible, I want to go where you are!

Would you do me a favor?

Would you let me know the best time and place to reach you?

Here are a few easy ways to tell me where to find you.

  1. Email me at ellory(at)empoweringthe80percent(dot)com.
  2. Click the blue button to your right and leave me a fun voice mail right from your computer!
  3. Call me from your smart phone and tell me. Tapping this should work: (512) 774-4614.

Or, if you'd rather click a few links, here is where you connect with me!

I'm pretty active on Facebook.

Empoweringthe80percent with Ellory Wells on Facebook

There I share quotes from the books I'm reading, pictures about what I'm doing, and a little more insight into what I'm up to outside of the website.

If you “like” my page and connect with me on Facebook, you'll see “behind-the-scenes” of my constantly evolving life.

To connect with me on Facebook, the link is pretty easy: Facebook.com/Empoweringthe80Percent.

I'm very active on Twitter.

EmpoweredEllory on Twitter

Since Twitter moves so fast, I generally tweet 15 or so times a day.

Whoa! That's crazy! (you might be thinking) Well, not really. The average lifespan of a tweet, the amount of time it has a decent likelihood of being seen or read, is measured in just a few minutes.

If you follow me on Twitter you'll get more frequent updates from me and what I'm up to. I also tweet links to videos and other articles I find interesting from around the web.

On Twitter, I'm @EmpoweredEllory, or you can connect with me here: Twitter.com/EmpoweredEllory

I'm also on LinkedIn.

Ellory on LinkedIn

As the 8th most popular webpage in the world, LinkedIn is a “must” for any professional.

On LinkedIn, I generally share less about my life and more about what I'm doing on the site. I share links to posts, try to help out on forums, etc.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn here: Linkedin.com/in/ellorywells/

I love hearing from readers like you. Sometimes it gets lonely sitting behind a computer screen.

Whether it's good, bad, or just to say “hi,” hearing from you, would be awesome!

Oh, one last thing.

Would you subscribe to my email list? I closely-guard your emails and promise to never give away or sell your information. No matter how much I use social media, I've found that email is still one of the best ways to stay connected.

Via email, I send out new blog post notifications, surveys, occasional requests and information that is exclusive to subscribers! I'd be honored if you trusted me with your email!

You can subscribe here:

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Question: Did I miss one? Where do you like to socialize? Put a link in the comments below, send me an email, leave me a voicemail, and tell me where I can connect with you!


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