We All Lie. And It's Killing Our Chances of Success.

We All Lie. And It’s Killing Our Chances of Success.

People who waste time are some of the biggest cancers we have in our society today. From unnecessary meetings to lunches that last far too long, to the excuse makers who never deliver results.

Our time is our most valuable resource, and we're wasting it every day. We're our own worst enemies when it comes to wasting time, and it's time… for it to stop.

lies make it happen

Over this past weekend, via Snapchat, I shared a pretty epic rant about time. My wife told me about a patient of hers who complained about not having the time to work out, go for walks, or eat healthily.

This woman is, and was, lying to herself.

If someone else treated this woman like she treated herself, she wouldn't stand for it. And, if you or I saw it while out in public, we'd likely step in and say something, knowing the serious abuse this woman was taking.

Every time you or I say we don't have enough time, we're lying to ourselves and to others, and this lie is killing our chances of success. And, the people who waste our time are keeping us from spending time with loved ones and doing what we love.

The truth is, since God created the heavens and the earth, there has only ever been 24 hours in a day. Since the invention of the calendar, those days have been organized into weeks, months and years. No one has been able to escape this truth.

However, there are people who are able to accomplish things, and there are those who seem to do nothing.

We all have the same amount of time, and none of us has enough. But, some of us move the needles, check the boxes, cross the finish lines, make the sales, hit publish or score the goals… and some of us don't.

There will be things you have to give up if you want to reach the next level or achieve your goals. No, this DOES apply to you. If you don't believe you must give things up in order to reach your goals, you're a fool.

What are you willing to give up?

I have to apologize for my frustration.

I know you're busy.

I know you've got friends, family, soccer practices, date nights, girls nights, meetings, obligations, vacations and plenty of other things filling your time. I know you're busy.

But I also know you have goals. I know because I see you talking about them. I know because you tell me via Facebook messages, texts, phone calls, and emails, and I don't want you frustrated with where you are any longer.

We are where we are because of how we've spent our time.

How will you spend yours?


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