8 Weeks to Freedom [Exit Strategy Companion Workbook]

You're Just 8 Short Weeks From Living a Life You Love...

Want a checklist for how to build your online business? In 8 Weeks to Freedom you'll get a weekly "to do" list of tasks that will help you leave your job, sign your first client, and begin building your business!

  • Week #1 - How to lay the groundwork for a solid business foundation 
  • Week #2 - Outline and schedule your action plan for the next several weeks; plus the tools to identify ideal target market
  • Week #3 - Logos, marketing, traffic, SEO, and the software I've used to build a global business
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    Week #4 - Creating templates, samples, demos and other items to showcase your skills and build social proof
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    Week #5 - Building networks and connecting with other business owners who will help you grow your business and reach new people
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    Week #6 - Building products, establishing your expertise and authority
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    Week #7 - Analytics and data made simple, what you should be looking and and where to find it so you can maximize profit and minimize ad spend
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    Week #8 - Tools and techniques for maximizing your social media efforts for quicker growth

Note: This is the COMPLETE formula for how I've built a business that reaches thousands of people EVERY month and that supports my family (and lets me buy fun things). If you follow 8 Weeks to Freedom, you'll have all the ingredients you need to re-use in your business-building efforts.

Perfect for those considering making the move from employee to entrepreneur.

- Stick and String, Reviewer on Amazon

Leave the Job You Hate Behind
and Begin Your Journey to Freedom...

8 Weeks to Freedom is the timeline I wish I’d followed from the very beginning. I’ll share what to do, when you should to it, the tools you should use, and how you can move forward along a timeline to help you turn your exit strategy plans into an exit strategy reality.