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Amy Carroll

 Amy Carroll 

 Online Marketer & Teacher 


I cannot think of a better return on investment than what I've spent in Ellory's Mastermind Group. If you're on the fence, absolutely join - you will thank me


I didn't think I needed a mastermind. I decided to give it a chance & Ellory's mastermind is THE game changer!  It's like creating my own dream team...

Amy Robles

 Financial Blogger 

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Jess Shanahan Racing Mentor headshot

Jess Shanahan

Director, RacingMentor.com

Because of the feedback and advice given in the mastermind sessions, I created a course that went to pre-sell stage within four weeks. I gave myself a small target of just 10 users at a low cost, before the course went up to the full price when it was completed the following month. I surpassed the target of 10 sign ups within 24 hours.

My favourite part is the community. I've definitely made some friends here and now have a small bank of people to go to for advice. Working alone can often be very isolating, especially when there's no client to bounce things off. I love having that community through the Facebook group and the human interaction during the mastermind sessions.

The Benefits of a Mastermind

While everyone joins the Catalyst Mastermind for different reasons, and with different goals, they all enjoy the same powerful benefits to help them start, build or grow their business.

  • Acceptance into a close-nit community of like-minded people with similar goals
  • Accountability and encouragement from peers who've been through and overcome similar struggles
  • Access to a network of goal-oriented entrepreneurs
  • Access to our private group chat where you can connect with other members
  • Connection with a support network that spans across several industries
  • Encouragement from your small group mastermind as well as from a larger group of experience entrepreneurs


  • Early notification of upcoming events and offers
  • Discounts on live events hosted by Ellory
  • Exclusive invitations to special events, and Mastermind-Only access once you're there
  • Exclusive access to Ellory's network of online business experts

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do we meet?

Your Catalyst Mastermind group will meet every other week at the same time and on the same day of the week. Consistency is an essential component to your success.​

Do I need expensive equipment to participate?

Not at all! While some members choose to have a microphone and a dedicated webcam, those items are not necessary. If you do decide to upgrade, I can provide a list of equipment I use and recommend.

Why is it called the “Catalyst” Mastermind?

A catalyst is something that causes something else to happen; a catalyst is a spark. I chose catalyst as the name of our mastermind because I hope it’s the spark that ignites the fire inside you, the push the gets you going, and the boost you need to stay motivated.

Can I hire Ellory as a coach AND be in a mastermind?

Yes, absolutely. Coaching and a mastermind are two different programs and accomplish two separate goals. While they overlap, you would get a deeper experience with 1x1 coaching, and several people do both. If you're interested in 1x1 coaching, CLICK HERE to visit my coaching page.

What if I don’t feel like a mastermind is for me, can I quit?

Yes and no. Yes, you may quit; you’re an adult, and no one is forcing you to be here. No, because you’re not a quitter. Plus, when you joined the mastermind, you committed to at least six months of working with me and your fellow members. They need you and want your support and encouragement. If you quit, you’ll be doing them (and yourself) a disservice.

I love the mastermind, can we keep going beyond the initial 6 month commitment?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, most mastermind groups decide to stick together for longer than the initial 6 months. Some members have been working with me for over 2 years.

I love the mastermind. Is there a referral or affiliate program?

Yes. There’s no formal tracking code or affiliate link, but if you refer someone who I haven’t already spoken with, and they join the mastermind, I’ll send you a gift card to your place of choosing. I’d be honored to take you and your spouse out to dinner as a thank you for introducing me to someone new.

What if our meeting time falls on a holiday or vacation?

Not a problem. We’ll decide as a group what to do about the meeting and either move it up or back a week. Whichever the case, we’ll decide as a group and find a solution that works for everyone.

What if my schedule changes and the meeting time no longer works?

I have no problem changing meeting times as long as the new time works for every member, including me. However, please make our mastermind time a priority and let others know you have a standing commitment at your scheduled time.​

Member Expectations

What you can expect from Ellory

I hold myself to a pretty high standard, and I hope you will too. Though I’ll mess up, show up late, miss calls and forget to email you back, I do my very best. As a Catalyst Mastermind member, there are certain things you can, and should, expect from me.

You can expect that I’ll root for you, be in your corner, and support you and your business. I’ll be one of your biggest cheerleaders. You can count on me for support, encouragement and accountability.

You can expect that the advice I share and the knowledge I offer are based on facts, research, trial and error, and personal experience.

You can expect that if I don’t know the answer to your question(s) or have a solution to your problem, I’ll either point you to someone who can help or be honest and tell you I don’t know.

You can expect openness and honesty from me. If you have questions, you can ask them. I may share more than I should, but less than you hope, but you can expect the truth from me.

You can expect that I’ll be on time to our meetings. You can expect that I’ll be present and “in the moment” whenever we’re on a call.

You can expect that I’ll screw up, make mistakes, and have typos and errors. But, you can also expect that I’ll fix them and move forward. If you have those things, you can expect me to point them out and help you fix them.

You can expect me to answer the phone when you call, but only if I’m available. You can expect me to respond to your emails and Facebook messages, but only if I’m available.

You can expect me to shut down the business on occasion and spend time with my wife and family.

You can expect me always to be testing or trying something new. I always love finding new hacks, tricks, resources and tools to help us both grow our business. Sometimes those new things don’t work as planned, and when they don’t, you can expect me to try to fix things or make it right.

You can expect me to do my best.

You can expect me to hold you accountable what I think is your best (which may not be what you think is your best).


You can expect results, encouragement, support, and hard work from me. You can also expect that I expect you to have fun!

As an active member of a mastermind group, there are certain expectations I have for you. These expectations are to help you reach your goals, develop connections and build your business. What’s nice is that my expectations are similar to the things that will help you get the most out of your mastermind experience! I love how that works out.

I expect you to be all-in for every meeting. That is, I want you to be present, engaged and distraction free. While you don’t have to take notes, you will be called on to answer questions or asked to give feedback. Meetings aren’t time for sleeping, and I intentionally get people talking and interacting when I think they haven’t spoken up in a while.

I expect you to be on time and ready for every meeting. Even if you’re not on the hot seat, the person who is will want your comments, questions, critiques and feedback. Your fellow members value your opinion, and they expect you to be prepared to give it.

I expect you to take the initiative to help yourself. If you need something, if you have a question or need help, I expect you to ask. While I can usually read people and get a bead on what they need via the video calls, I miss things. I sometimes need your help to know how I can help you. I expect you to raise your hand and say, “can somebody help me with this?”

I expect you to give as much as you receive. That includes giving advice, giving time to edit and review the work of your fellow members, and giving attention and care to your fellow members. Yes, we’re here to build businesses, but adding in humanity will make us all better. If you try to out-give your fellow members, I promise, it will work in your favor.


I expect you to have FUN!

I absolutely love my mastermind groups. I love hosting them, talking to them, and seeing them grow and change over time. However, if you’re not having fun neither am I. If you’re having fun, you’ll get more out of each meeting, and you’ll make better connections with your new friends. Plus, life is short, far too short not to be enjoying yourself

What Ellory will expect of you

Why should someone NOT join Ellory's Mastermind?

Ok, FINALLY! Here's the section you've been looking for. Here's what people REALLY have to say, and here's where you'll FINALLY discover that it's all a scam, a hoax, hogwash...

I asked...

Why would someone NOT want to join a mastermind with Ellory?

and here's what they said...

Jess Shanahan Racing Mentor headshot

Someone who's not dedicated might not get much from this. You have to be prepared to show up and listen, as well as give feedback. If you're not prepared to follow through then you're not really going to get much from being held accountable.

Jess Shanahan  //  Owner, RacingMentor.com

Dane Gilson

Ellory isn't a drill sergeant who will yell at you or make you do anything. If that's what you want, go somewhere else. Ellory is the good friend that you don't want to disappoint when you tell him you will do something.

Dane Gilson  //  Owner, MorningAlliance.com

Shawn Washburn

If five years from now you don't want to be any closer to achieving your dreams than you are now, then don't join Ellory's group. If you don't want someone who will hold you accountable and keep you moving in the right direction, stay away. If you don't want clarity, you don't want this group.

Shawn Washburn  //  Owner, WashburnWriter.com

Heather Myklegard

Ellory's mastermind would not be a good fit for someone who needs a lot of hand holding. This is really a casual, yet effective, environment that allows for freedom and success with the perfect amount of accountability.

Heather Myklegard  //  Owner, GetSocialMoxie.com

Why is Ellory's Mastermind a Must-Join?

Who better to tell you why you should join the mastermind than current and past members? So, I asked them, 

Why should someone join a mastermind with Ellory?

and here's what they said...


Ellory's mastermind is the game changer. He and I are very different, and I think that's where I've learned the most. He sees things differently, and helps me move forward and progress.

Amy Robles

Amy Robles



If you're just getting started in your business or you have an idea for your business, or you need some help growing your business, Ellory can definitely be a great resource... from the information that he has and the experiences he's had throughout his time as an entrepreneur.

Dr. Cory Ellerbroek

Dr. Cory Ellerbroek



Within the 1st month of joining the mastermind group, we were able to dial in what was working, get rid of the things that weren't working. I cannot think of a better return on investment than what I have spent in Ellory's mastermind group.

Amy Carroll

Amy Carroll



If you're running a business alone, looking to grow and want some accountability, you should join a mastermind with Ellory. Even if you just need to validate some ideas, the feedback and support will get you to your goals quicker than you might be able to do it alone. This makes it all very worth while!

Jess Shanahan Racing Mentor headshot

Jess Shanahan



Ellory is more than just a mastermind coach. Joining a mastermind is about becoming more than you are today, through the combined efforts of people who care. Ellory cares.

When we met at the THRIVE Conference in Las Vegas, Ellory took me under his wing. It was like hanging with my brother and his friends for the weekend. And when it was over, they were my friends too.

Dane Gilson

Dane Gilson



If you feel stuck or uncertain of how to proceed with your business ideas, Ellory's mastermind group is a great place to start. The mastermind will help clarify your direction and it will give you the accountability you need to make real progress and to achieve real success.


Jon Stolpe



If you want to get serious about your side hustle or about leaving a day job to pursue something you're passionate about, Ellory has been there and has the knowledge and background to help lead you in the right direction. If you want someone who will help you take the right steps and who has already worked with people in all kinds of industries and life situations, Ellory is your guy. If you want someone who will keep pushing you to help you make it, Ellory is the one you need to work with. You won't regret it.

Shawn Washburn

Shawn Washburn


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