Amy Carroll Amy Carroll, Amy Carroll Media

I cannot think of a better return on investment than what I've spent in Ellory's Mastertmind Group. If you're on the fence, absolutely join - you will thank me

Amy Robles Amy Robles, Think Enriched

I didn't think I needed a mastermind. I decided to give it a chance and Ellory's Mastermind is THE game changer! Having a mastermind is like creating my own dream team...

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Jon Stolpe Jon Stolpe

Joining the Mastermind is one of the best things I've done to push me forward

Rocco De Leo Rocco De Leo

Jump at the chance to work with Ellory, you will be forever grateful

Want to Achieve Your Goals?

80% of Americans say they don't have goals. 16% say they have goals, but don't write them down. Fewer than 4% do write their goals, but only 1% of people review their goals regularly.


If you don't write down your goals, studies show that you have 43% chance to complete or accomplish those goals.


However, if you not only think about your goals, but you write them down, share them with a friend or a coach, AND have regular accountability, you have a 76% chance to achieve your goals.


People who work with coaches and mastermind groups
see an almost 2x increase in their chances to achieve their goals.
Are you ready?

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Dear Entrepreneur,

I can't put a price on the value I've received from being in a mastermind. In addition to the connections and friendships I've made, I've received a wealth of information and encouragement that go way beyond a list of features and benefits.

I'm offering a similar opportunity to you. I've created an exclusive group of individuals like yourself from across the globe and from multiple industries; from mommy-bloggers to fitness professionals and postal workers

In this mastermind, you'll connect with people who have similar goals but who think differently. You'll be exposed to new ideas, new ways of thinking, and a support network better than you can imagine.

No one will pursue your success more seriously, or with more excitement, than you. Today is the day you move the needle and take your business to next level. This mastermind is the catalyst you need to make it happen!




My paid mastermind is structured to provide expertise, support, guidance, community and accountability to each member who is excited and eager to escape the mundane and begin their business.

See the Difference a Mastermind Can Make...

Before Joining

You have a small network, no support and have no one around you who understands your goals.

You feel alone, frustrated and confused.

Each day you wake up aimless and without direction, isolated, overly busy but not getting results.

You feel like you're going nowhere and that you have nothing to offer.

After Connecting

You have a solid network of like-minded people, and you're part of a supportive community.

You feel like you're connected and inspired!

Every day you wake up with a to-do list, plan of action, and you know what you need to do and what needs to get done.

You feel like you're going somewhere and you are building something to be proud of.

See what brand new members had to say

Rocco DeLeoIn just the first 2 months of working with Ellory, I was able to build an amazing WordPress website, launch a Podcast, and develop skills from content creation, website building, and SEO.  I have met amazing, smart and successful people through Ellory.  The best part is that together, we are working to achieve our goals.

None of this would be possible without Ellory.  His dedication to his craft,  people, and the overall passion for entrepreneurs is truly amazing. He is accessible, knowledgeable and real world.  Jump at the chance to work with him, you will be forever grateful.

Rocco De Leo,

Renee BaudeI'm gonna be honest--I'm not a joiner. I don't join groups. I don't like group sports, I don't even like people in my kitchen . . . until I ring the dinner bell. I like to work alone.

The idea of joining a Mastermind group that had a large accountability component seemed counter intuitive to how I "thought" I enjoyed working. But I was wrong.

From my first mastermind meeting I gained a new appreciation for collaboration. The way Ellory facilitates his group is amazingly supportive and generous. I ended my first meeting with tons of ideas to explore, validation in my message, and most importantly--a plan on how to move forward. I have a new appreciation for a mastermind community. I feel very blessed that I have found Ellory.

Renee Baude, Renee's Kitchen

The Benefits of Becoming a Mastermind Member:

  • Acceptance into a close-nit community of like-minded people with similar goals
  • Access to a network of goal-oriented entrepreneurs
  • Connection with a support network that spans across several industries
  • Accountability and encouragement from your peers who have been through and overcome similar struggles
  • Access to our private group chat where you can connect with other members
  • Early notification of upcoming events and offers
  • Discounts on live events hosted by Ellory
  • Exclusive invitation to special events, and Mastermind-Only access once you're there
  • Exclusive Mastermind-Level access to my Membership Site full of tools, templates and more
  • Exclusive access to a monthly Q&A call with online business experts
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The Goals of the Members

Before joining, every new member answers a few questions up front so I know how to help them reach their goals. In one of the questions I ask, "What are the top 3 things you hope to get out of this mastermind?"

Here's what they said...

My Goals for Every Mastermind

I have two main goals for each person in my masterminds. First, I want everyone to get the help, support and encouragement they need. Second, I want members to see results. Everything I do is to help my members see results in whatever they choose to strive for.

By the Numbers

A lot of people are nervous about joining a group such as this. If you're concerned about having nothing to offer, not being far enough along in your journey, or not sure if you're ready - stop doubting yourself! You have more than enough to offer! Take a look at this...

Over 75% of people who join one of my mastermind groups has never been in a mastermind before! That means, most people start out unsure about themselves, of their goals and of their ability to achieve them.

Over 20% of new members aren't sure whether they'll stick around after 6 months. They're not sure if joining my mastermind will be worth their time, money, or effort.


An overwhelming 81% of members continue beyond the required 6 months. AND, of the members who continue to participate, ask questions and give feedback, 92.3% keep working with me for over a year because they're getting results!

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Don't Take My Word For It!

Jon Stolpe

I joined the Catalyst Mastermind group in hopes of finding the next right steps for my writing and speaking endeavors.  I have found so much more!

Every mastermind call is packed with valuable information and tremendous encouragement.  I've been inspired and challenged to move ahead with my own pursuits, and I have developed incredible friendships with other entrepreneurs who are also going after their dreams.

Ellory does a remarkable job facilitating our discussions, and he keeps us focused on breaking down the barriers to our next levels of achievement.

Joining the Catalyst Mastermind is one of the best things I've done in the past year and maybe one of the best things I've done in the past several years to push me forward.

Jon Stolpe, Jon Stolpe Stretched

When you’re creating your online business there are constant ups and downs. You’re always looking for that next big thing. Something to give you a better edge. You’re constantly bombarded by information, products, classes that advertise that they will take you to the next step. Ellory Wells is how I cut through the smoke.

He has single handedly had a greater impact on my business in the last few months than the last two years of my own personal research combined. If you are looking for an expert that can get you started, or take your business to the next level, Ellory is the man for the job.

- Derek Brott
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Larry Poole

Larry PooleYou've been a huge encouragement to me through the mastermind and through your blog and podcast. I love how your platform provides both practical (high-level) and technical (nitty-gritty) advice. Startup entrepreneurs like myself need both.

I appreciate all your work and generosity Ellory! I'm learning a lot from you. This mastermind was exactly what I needed!

Kent Sanders

Kent SandersEllory is not only a gifted entrepreneur, but he has a passion to help others as well. He has begun to build a substantial following in a short amount of time, and for good reason: he knows a lot about business, blogging, social media, and technology.

If you want to build an online business, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better person to help you get started than Ellory.

Ellory is an action taker. When it comes to getting things done, he doesn't mess around. I love that he brings this dynamic to our mastermind. It encourages and inspires all of us to stop talking and start doing.

Johnny Lee Phillips

Ellory has been a tremendous asset to my mastermind group. Given that this was my first MM I wasn't sure what to expect, but Ellory has been a great example of what it means to give back. His experience, insight, and unselfishness has made him an invaluable part of our mastermind group.

Randy Wilburn

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