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Content Marketing --> Business Growth

Content marketing is the HOTTEST and most COST EFFECTIVE way to grow your business. And, WRITING is one of the best ways to attract an audience, maximize SEO, and make more sales. Enter the challenge and join other entrepreneurs, bloggers, and content creators as they grow their businesses in August!

About the Writing Challenge:

Fall is a time when most people go on vacation. Fall breaks, Thanksgiving breaks, Winter breaks, Christmas breaks... it's like we're never in the office!

Not This Year!​

This year, why not work when everybody else relaxes?

This year, why not do something that will help you grow your business, market your brand and your products, and build powerful momentum that will carry you forward?​

The Challenge is Simple...

Write a new piece of content every day for a month. Ha, ya, an ENTIRE month! Your content can be promotional, biographical, topical or technical, but you have to publish something new on your website or blog every day.

Why You Should Accept the Challenge:

  • Improve SEO
  • Tell your brand's story
  • Get more website traffic
  • Market your products
  • Because you like a challenge
  • Build momentum

Content marketing in the form of writing blog posts improves your website's SEO and helps attract visitors to your site. Blogging also allows you to tell your brand's story - your history, how you got to where you are, etc. - without being too "salesy."

Who Should Accept the Challenge

If you're a blogger, content creator, digital marketer or anyone in charge of establishing or promoting a brand...

... this challenge is for you!

A BRIEF HISTORY of my business. Well, I wouldn't have a business if I didn't have a blog. By writing with frequency and consistency, I've built a following of readers and clients around the world, and it all started with writing!

What You Get:

(you mean improved SEO, more traffic, and business growth isn't enough?)

When you first sign up, you'll receive:

  • ​How to Start a Blog in 8 Minutes or Less
  • The ONE thing ALL successful entrepreneurs do EARLY and OFTEN
  • The ONE piece of advice I share with all of my HIGH-PAYING clients
  • The list of tools I use every day to build a global business that reaches people around the globe

During the challenge, you'll also receive:

  • ​129 Blog Post Ideas, Topics and Writing Prompts
  • How You Can Figure Out What to Blog About
  • How to Create a Content Calendar
  • How to Turn Around a Blog That's Going Nowhere (and Mistakes to Avoid)
  • My best resource for identifying your ideal clients, customers and readers
  • How to write content that makes you IRRESISTIBLE to your clients
  • 8 types of emails you can send to your subscribers TODAY that will help you build influence
  • 4 Non-Typical Tips for Growing Your Email List
  • How to Increase Open Rates and Clicks with Your Email Campaigns
  • 12 Tools to Make Your Website Faster
  • 6 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Marketing Their Brand
  • 5 Key Criteria of a Killer Lead Magnet
  • 18 Free Tools to Help You Build Your Business


  • Before the challenge begins, you'll have the opportunity to join our Facebook community of writers and entrepreneurs
  • After the challenge ends, you'll receive an exclusive invitation to guest post on ellorywells.com
  • A few select people will have the chance to be on The Ellory Wells Show to talk about your blog and promote your business!

The #WritingChallenge Starts Soon. Do You Accept?