The Science Behind Success

The Science Behind Success

I've done it! I've figured out the science behind success. You may think I've lost it; you might think I couldn't possibly have the answer.

Whatever you think is fine with me, but I've figured it out, and I'm about to share it with you.

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science behind success

Since I know you're curious, I'll get right to it. Success comes down to three things, all equal parts.

The science behind success is this – To be successful, you need

  • 1/3 getting started
  • 1/3 sticking with it, and
  • 1/3 special sauce (see recipe below)

I've shared this math with other entrepreneurs, and they tend to agree, the math adds up. Here's what I mean.

The Science Behind Success

Before your skepticism sets in, let's get one thing straight. You cannot be successful if you only give 100%. Giving 100% is giving nothing more than what is required, the bare minimum.

That's not you. It's not me. And that's not how you get things done.

50% Getting Started

I get to have Marshall Stevenson, the owner of SockBox, in my close circle of friends. While on our last mastermind call, the topic of having “ideas” came up.

He and I agree – ideas are worthless.

We also used to think that ideas were worth something, and it wasn't until we each came across hundreds of people with ideas that our feelings began to change and we started to see reality.

If everyone has something, that something is a commodity and there is little or no value. Everyone has ideas – good ones, bad ones, great ones even. It takes no skill, talent or training to have an idea, and, therefore, ideas are barely worth the paper on which they're written (though most people never write down their ideas).

We have a surplus of ideas.

The value lies in action.

Getting started is the first major obstacle to success. Too many people refuse to take action to achieve their goals, and if you don't start, you can't finish.

50% Sticking With It

Even though I've only been in the business of “online business,” that is, blogging, podcasting, selling digital products and making money passively online, for less than five years, I feel like I'm already a veteran.

I remember my first major blogger/podcaster conference, New Media Expo 2014. I remember how many people set goals and made promises for what they planned or hoped to do over the next several months. Now I look around, and so many of the people I met in 2014 have disappeared.


They're no longer the starry-eyed dreamers I met in Las Vegas. I get it; charging toward success and fighting for it with all of your being is incredibly hard.

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

However, I feel like the tagline of “Survivor” applies to success – we have to “outlast” the competition. While I believe we should think about collaboration instead of seeing everyone as a competitor, there's something to outlasting everyone and sticking with it.

Most people never start. Of the ones who do, most will quit. While sticking with it won't make you successful, you can't achieve your goals if you give up when the going gets tough. Because it will, and you've got to figure out a way to stay focused and moving forward.

Because the going will get tough and your results won't be what you expected. Successful people figure out a way to stay focused and moving forward.

50% Luck, Talent, Training, and Hustle

Up in the equation I presented earlier, I said the last 50% was the “secret sauce.” That sauce is a combination of luck, talent, training and hustle. The exact recipe will differ from person to person, but you can't become successful without it.

As I also mentioned above, this final component takes us over 100%. I know, you can't have over 100% effort.

But, if that's what you think then you'll never get where you want to go. 100% is easy. Anyone can give 100%; that takes no special effort.

Being successful, however you define that, will take more work than you can imagine. Starting a business and sticking with it will take more late nights, early mornings, planning, perseverance and effort than you think it will.

100% won't cut it. 100% is for average. 100% is for suckers. And, 100% won't build a legacy.

That's it!

Take equal parts getting started, stick-to-it-iveness, and a special mix of luck, talent, training and hustle, and you've got the science behind success.

Over to you: Do you agree with my math?


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