My Bad Day

My Bad Day

Yesterday I had a bad day. I was tired, a little frustrated and depressed, and things just weren't going so well.

bad day rain

Sometimes, as an entrepreneur who mostly works from home, being an entrepreneur who works from home sucks. There are often very few distractions to keep you out of your own head.

Sure, you may have social media, YouTube videos, or video games to keep you from focusing on the work, but there isn't usually another person there to help you stay on track or to tell you to snap out of it.

Well, that was me yesterday. I was in a funk. After eating lunch, I lay on the couch and watched two episodes of Survivor's Remorse on STARZ.

Then, while lying on the couch, I watched the video embedded below from Gary Vaynerchuk.

I remembered I don't want to be an entrepreneur. I am an entrepreneur. What I do is not a hobby, it is a business.

Professionals don't just show up when they feel like it or when they're having “good days.” Pros show up even when they have bad days. Rain or shine, a true professional shows up for the game. They tie tight their shoes, put on their gloves, strap on their gear, and get ready to go to war.

And I'm a professional.

So, ya. I had a bad day. We all do. But, in reality, I had a few things that didn't go the way I wanted them too. So, I got up, turned off the TV, and went back to work.

Bad days happen. Just shake it off, know you're better than sitting on the couch watching TV, and go make something happen.


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