5 Things You Need to Do in the New Year

5 Things You Need to Do in the New Year

Want to start the new year off right? Want to do more, achieve more, and “win” more in the coming months?

I hear that! However, you and I both know that without a plan to succeed, you might as well plan to fail. So, let's take a look at 5 things you need to do in the new year.

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5 things to do in the new year

Every year I've been in business, I've written a post looking back over the previous 12 months. I've written about what's worked, what hasn’t worked, and what gave me results (both good and bad).

This year, in addition to my “Year in Review” posts, I wanted to take a minute to talk about what needs to happen moving forward. So if you're looking for “New Year's Resolutions,” or something to help you move forward in 2018, read on, and you'll find a list of 5 things you need to do to become who you are meant to be.

5 Things You Need to Do in the New Year

1: Start Your Business

Let's make 2018 the year of small businesses. Besides, haven't you waited long enough?

The tools to help you start your business are out there. The resource, out there. The help, yep, it's out there too.

Basically, if you've been thinking about starting a business, there are no more excuses. Your self-doubt is the limiting factor, so, ya… let's get that dream business idea and make it a reality in the new year!

2: Build an Amazing Website

I used to say “Every business needs a blog,” but today and for the new year, I'm going to say, “every person needs a blog.” And every good blog is hosted on a website. You need to build an amazing website this year.

It wasn't all that long ago that websites were pretty ugly. My first websites didn’t look so good, and then I found ThriveThemes. With themes, plugins, landing pages and everything else from ThriveThemes, there is no need to deal with a fugly website.

One of my clients told me just last week, that when she's making a buying decision and trying to decide which company to purchase from, she looks to see who has the best website. Over half of the world's population is under 30 years old, and ALL of them use the internet. So, set a goal, RIGHT NOW, to build an amazing website for your business in the new year.

NOTE: If you sign up for the “Startup” package on my coaching page, you can knock out numbers 1, 2, and 4 at the same time!

3: Join a Mastermind

If you don't regularly meet with other people to talk about your goals, discuss business, and to find encouragement and accountability, you'll fail.

Plain and simple.

You're the average of the 5 or so people you spend the most time with. These are the 5 people who influence you, give you feedback, tell you stories, and fill your mind with information.

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Are those 5 people positive influences? Do they give you constructive and actionable feedback? Do they tell you inspirational stories that encourage and push you?

If you look at the people around you who're doing great things, who're achieving their goals, making more sales, getting more clients, etc., they're probably in a mastermind of some sort. They're probably meeting with people to give and receive guidance, tips and tricks, and to get some encouragement.

Masterminds are a tool of the successful, and going into the new year, you need one. If you're looking for a mastermind for entrepreneurs, click here to check out mine and to apply!

4: Hire a Coach

Do you watch sports?

How many coaches are on the sideline of your favorite teams?

Every high achieving person has at least one coach. The most successful people have a coach in almost every area of their life. Professional sports teams have coaches for both offense and defense, for the linemen and for the receivers, shooting coaches, swing coaches… you name it, and the best of the best have a coach for it.

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With the amount of technology available to us today, there is absolutely no reason you should have to stumble your way through the goal-achieving process. Find someone who has done or is doing what you want to do, and learn from them.

As a side note: don't waste your time on mindset coaches or emotional coaches, or anything like that. Find someone who will give you actionable tips and advice, not someone who'll pat you on the head and say “there, there.” Too many people have come to me asking for help after they've wasted their money on a “coach” who didn't know what they were doing and who had no business taking on clients.

If you're looking for a business coach to help you grow your business, click here to check out my coaching program.

5: Invest in Yourself

I was on the call with a client the other day; he's 23 and hungry to build his business. He said,

“Tai Lopez told me to get a good CPA, develop a relationship with them, and learn from them. Well, I didn't know what a CPA was, but I knew my uncle was one, so I called him and set up a meeting.”

Successful people never stop learning. They read good books, they go to conferences, and they invest in themselves.

For $150 a year, you could buy (and read) a book a month. For $1000 a year, you could go to one of the best business conferences on the planet. For $10,000 a year (or less) you could hire a coach or join a mastermind group.


Why not make this year YOUR year? I'm telling you right now, and with confidence built from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, that YOU are your only limitation. You're stronger and better than you think you are, and all you have to do is DECIDE to get started.

BONUS “TO-DO” Items:

  1. Get healthy(ier)
  2. Experiment more
  3. Try 1 new thing every day/week/month
  4. Travel to somewhere you've always wanted to visit
  5. Sign up for Catalyst Monthly ($25 OFF coupon code found at 22:02)
  6. Sign up for the 1-Day Mastermind in San Diego, CA (March 1, 2018)


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