On Personal Branding

On Personal Branding

Personal branding is absolutely critical to your successes in life and in your career. If your personal brand is not absolutely important to you, you'll never realize how pivotal it is to those around you.
Personal Branding ToolkitYour personal brand is the image or idea that is in someone's mind when they hear or see your name.

Think about Coca-Cola for a moment. You can easily imagine a red can, a dark, sweet, bubbly drink and probably several other specific things. This is the brand recognition Coke has created for itself. They've spent time and money researching and responding to the world markets they want to get into and dominate. Each market is different so there are slight variations on Coke's branding strategy depending on their goals for that market.

If one of the world's best-known companies still advertises, still improves and adapts its brand, should we not do the same for our own?

So, to gain entry or acceptance into a job, club or relationship, we need to have a positive and specific personal brand. When a hiring manager, potential connection, or recruiter sees your name, what do they think of and what comes to their mind? And what about your online personal brand?

So now that you've thought about your personal brand, how do you adapt your brand to meet your varying and changing needs?

Let's go back to the Coke example. While the Coke brand has remained fairly similar for 100+ years, they've come up with ways to meet the needs of the market; Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Coke Zero etc. Same quality product, but tailored just enough to appeal to different audiences.

Now look at the progression of their brand over the years (image below).
On Personal Branding

Coke changed to be relevant at the time. So for you, in today's technology filled world, would you brag about being the best typewriter salesman? Not likely. Tailor your resume to the meet the job or position you're working toward. Focus on today's characteristics that move you forward to tomorrow.

Stay tuned and check back in to see how you can adapt to future career and personal needs while still staying true to yourself. I'm gonna go have a Coke!

Looking for ways to grow and develop your personal brand? I created a Personal Branding Toolkit that will walk you through the process, step-by-step. Click here to check it out and get a copy today!

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  • MichaelPaez says:

    I’ve learned that when I tailored my resume to fit a specific interview, with information that related to the position, I received positive feedback on being prepared.

    Even though the positions closed because of a promotion freeze, it puts me into place to be a candidate for other roles.

    Great read.

  • ellorywells says:

    Thanks for the comment Michael. Personal branding, and advertising that personal brand, are what may separate us from the rest.

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