Only Idiots Take the Stairs

Only Idiots Take the Stairs

Do you ever take the stairs? Or, are you an elevator kind of person?

As you may remember, Ashley (my wife) and I have been traveling the country for almost a year now, and we just arrived in Boston, Massachusetts. And we just moved into a new apartment…

on the 6th floor… Ugh!

only idiots take the stairs

When we were searching for a place to stay for our 13 weeks, I specifically said,

“Get an apartment on the 3rd or 4th floor so I can take the stairs.”

And I was TOTALLY ignored!

Just kidding. Sorta, but not really. I did say that, but we didn't get to choose our apartment. I was willing to do a little work and do 3 flights, but 6?!

But this morning, I've been running up and down the stairs, from the basement to our apartment on the 6th floor.

And my legs are HATING me! Only idiots take the stairs, geez!

Well, that's not quite true.

People who want to be healthy take the stairs. People who want to be efficient and get exercise while doing something they would be doing anyway (going up), take the stairs.

You and I won't get better (at anything) if we don't push ourselves. We won't get better if we don't do things that make us hurt.

We can't get faster or stronger if we never get outside our comfort zone and do things that are somewhat difficult and which stretch us beyond what we think we're capable of.

And, honestly, don't like taking the stairs. But, in my line of work, I sit enough, and by taking the stairs, I'm choosing to do something I don't want to do so I'm better tomorrow than I am today.

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Oh, and no, I'm not running the stairs for exercise. I'm down in the basement because the internet up in the apartment sucks, but I keep going up there to refill my coffee 😉


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