Personal Branding Toolkit

Personal Branding Toolkit

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Have you ever been passed over for a promotion but didn't know why?
Have you ever introduced yourself to a stranger and had them say, “Oh, I know you”?
Have you ever wondered if your reputation is helping or hurting you?
If you've experienced any of these things, you've already been exposed to the power of your personal brand!


Your Personal Brand is like your reputation. Developed properly, your personal brand can go out into the world and help open doors for you that wouldn't budge otherwise.

The world is changing rapidly and the competition for your dream job is tougher than ever before.

When people search for you or your profile, how do you control what they are able to find?

How do you utilize new social media tools to put your best foot forward?

To win today, you must be intentional about developing your Personal Brand!

The Personal Branding Toolkit is for you if…Cover image 3D - Personal Branding Toolkit from ppt

  • You want to put your best foot forward when looking for a new job
  • You want to develop your professional contacts
  • You're trying for a promotion so you can better provide for your family
  • You realize your customers are searching for you on social media
  • You're unemployed and looking for ways to stand out
  • You realize your customers are searching for you on social media

This Toolkit will guide you through a process. From helping to develop your personal brand profile all the way to getting you into the interview, this toolkit will be your go to guide for taking your career to where you want it go.

The Personal Branding Toolkit is an essential tool for both building or developing your personal brand.

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I just wanted to reach out and let you know how grateful I am for you. The EP 80 Personal Branding Toolkit helped me to realize the value I offer as a person outside of my 8-5 J-O-B skills.

By utilizing the Tips and Strategies covered in the Toolkit, I was able to completely switch career paths from IT to Marketing because my Personal Brand shined.

Your suggestions and comments about my resume blew me away and gave me another level of confidence going into this transition knowing I had an Ace in the hole.

Going into the Interview with the Vice President, I again called on your services to help prepare me. This was invaluable as your pseudo interview calmed my nerves tremendously and help me shift my vernacular to a higher tier.

Your questioning helped me formalize well thought out answers and answers to possible follow up questions.

Thank you again and keep up the great work!

– Jason B.

After I updated my resume with the tools I learned in this Toolkit, I saw a 3x increase in responses to the ones I sent out!

– Charmaine H.

I believe this is an excellent tool not only for someone entering the job market straight from college, but also for people who don’t look past the paper resume. When making hiring decisions, the prospect that utilizes the tools shown in this toolkit, who is clear and concise in their skills, expertise and passion, will win.

– Paul B.
Director of Marketing

The Personal Branding Toolkit encompasses all of the aspects of how to create and maintain a personal brand online that describes who you are and what you are capable of.

– Monique Muro

Ellory has complied an excellent resource with both thought provoking ideas and proven solutions to demystify the process of developing your own personal brand. In today’s market, an online presence is an essential component for every individual – one that must be carefully designed and managed. The Personal Branding Toolkit will help you do exactly that.

– Jonathan Harrison

So now a decision must be made.

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There is no better time than this moment to take ownership of your future, and choose success!



As a bonus, you'll receive a Resume Template that you can customize and make your own. No need to worry about formatting or what info to put where, my template will walk you step-by-step through the process of making an A+ resume!

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