Welcome Podcasters!

Welcome Podcasters!

Hey! Thank you for joining me and letting me know how I can help you start or grow your podcast.

webinar headshot transparentAs my focus shifts from helping professionals climb a corporate ladder that doesn't exist to helping aspiring podcasters become actual podcasters, you'll start seeing new and different types of resources from me. Many of these resources will be specific to email subscribers, so watch your inbox!

I want to thank you again for coming with me, betting on yourself, and announcing to the world you want to be a podcaster, but I also want to issue a warning.

(Well, 2 actually…)

Warning 1

Instead of writing, podcasting, and sharing about leadership (like I used to), you're going to start seeing content related to building a business from the ground up. That means, building a business from scratch, with no venture capitalists, no big investors, and almost no money.

That also means you may see “behind the curtain” of my business. You might see typos, hiccups, public bumps in the road and maybe even full-on mess ups. You'll also hear about my wins and successes so you can implement those techniques into what you're doing. At this point in my business, it's mostly just me, and because of that, my humanity comes out and the flaws sometimes show. This isn't a big business you're getting emails from, it's me.

Warning 2

I love what I do. I get jazzed up talking to entrepreneurs eager to strike out on their own, face new challenges and live with new energy. This is the best and most fun work I've done in my entire life. Because of that, you may find yourself getting motivated to work harder than you've ever worked before. You may see new possibilities and new ways of doing things. These new possibilities may cause discomfort with what you're doing now.

I take full responsibility for what comes next 😉 and I'll do everything I can to help you succeed.

Lastly, I would love to hear from you!

In the comment box below, let me know what kind of information you’d like to see in the upcoming emails, blog posts and podcast episodes from me. What subjects, challenges and material would you like to see me dig into and/or test? What do you need help with?

Your opinion matters, and I look forward to helping you and solving problems with you in the future!

By the way, here are some of the resources I've started to create to help you remove obstacles, develop a plan forward, and develop your exit strategy. Check'em out!

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