Stop Saying "I Don't Know How" and Start an Online Business

Stop Saying “I Don’t Know How” and Start an Online Business

Have you ever thought about starting an online business, or business of any kind for that matter, but stopped because you didn't know how to get started?

Every week I talk to people all over the country who ask me the same types of questions.

I get asked questions like:

Ellory, what plug-in do you use for selling your products and handling payments?

Ellory, how did you get your site to look like it does?

Ellory, how did you write and format your e-books?

Well, I decided to take the advice of Dan Miller.

Dan says if he gets asked the same question three times, he creates a product.

And, because I know I'm not the only one who has wondered about the tools needed to start an online business, I want to create something that will truly benefit, and possibly change, the world.

Ellory presenting how to build an online business

Me presenting about online business at the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce and WEN Business meeting. Photo courtesy of Ashley Wells

Up until about two months ago, I would look back at my previous two years of blogging, podcasting and writing ebooks, and feel somewhat disappointed. I would look at what I had accomplished, and weigh it against what I had hoped to have had accomplished by now.

Just like you, I had grand dreams of becoming instantly successful, having hordes of visitors to my website, and being able to become a full-time writer and entrepreneur within mere months.

And, like I wrote about here, I wasted some time. I thought I could do it alone, figure everything out myself, and forge my own path.

I was wrong.

What I came to realize is, none of those things are true.

I can't do it myself, I can't know everything, and forging your own path is overrated. We need a team! (Tweet that!)

And even if we could, the result would be that we are a master of nothing, not actually a jack of all trades.

That brings me back to my initial question.

Do you want to start an online business but don't know how?

If you have, if you have a message you would like to share with the world, or a brilliant product idea that could help a lot of people, I have something special for you.

No, seriously. I have something that will make your life a lot easier and help you get further faster than you had ever imagined.

I've created a live online training called

“How to Turn Your Off-line Expertise into an Online Business.”

With my live eight week course, I'm going to personally show you exactly how I've built an online business over the last two years (minus all the mistakes I made along the way).

  • You'll see what tools and plug-ins I use to build, design, and distribute my digital products.
  • You'll learn how to write the book that has been rolling around in your head for years.
  • You'll be walked through the process of getting your how-to guide out into the world where it can really benefit other people.
  • You'll learn all the behind-the-scenes tools you'll need to make your product shine and take your business to the next level.

If that last part sounds technical, don't worry; no technical knowledge required. Everything I teach in this live training will be easy to understand and simple to implement.

Remember, after all, when I got started I didn't even know how to build a website.

Let me tell you a story.

Think about a time you are relaxing at home, watching a movie, or taking a walk around the neighborhood.

You glance down to to check your cell phone and you see you have a new email.

Tapping your email icon, you open an email saying you have just sold your product to someone across the country!

The next day, the same thing. However, this time, you sold an ebook to someone in Australia!

Both of those situations have happened to me. I can't tell you how exciting it is to have one of your products purchased by someone you don't even know!

That awesome feeling is something I want every single person who signs up for my course to have.

I want you to know the freedom of sharing your knowledge, your expertise, or your passion with someone across the world.

If you're ready to get your knowledge out of your head, ready to share your expertise with the world, or simply make the life of one person better, I want you to join me.

My first class will start on July 1 , 2014 .

Over the next eight weeks you and I will hit it hard and heavy. You're going to focus, heads down, because I know the longer you wait and the more you delay, the longer it is before you change your life, and change the life of anyone who would benefit from your product.

I know you're ready,

click here to enroll.

I can't wait to see what we come up with!

*Disclaimer: The current price will expire on June 2nd! The price will go up so enroll now!


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  • Mike [] says:

    I love it! Only recently found your blog, but I’m quickly falling in love with what you’re doing. Keep it up.

  • Mike [] says:

    I love it! Only recently found your blog, but I’m quickly falling in love with what you’re doing. Keep it up.

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