Stuck in a Rut? What to Do to Pull Yourself Out of a Slump

Stuck in a Rut? What to Do to Pull Yourself Out of a Slump

Are you stuck in a rut? If you've ever looked at your life and wondered how you got to where you are, and feel like you're struggling to get anywhere, read on and post your comments below.

Loosely defined as a fixed or established mode or course of life, a rut is normally associated with being in a “lull” or in an unpromising situation.

Being stuck in a rut is not generally thought of as a good thing.

Stuck in a rut? or Full steam ahead

I feel that a lot of us are stuck in a rut right now. The job market isn't what it used to be or what we'd like it to be, and the economy is not growing the way we want it to.

We're either waiting for the next election, waiting to see if we got the job, or we're waiting for the next big thing in our lives to happen.

What about you?

Specifically, how about being stuck in a rut at work?

Are you sitting back and waiting for the boss to come and tap you on the shoulder and say, “It's your time!” Those days have been over for years.

Or are you possibly just making it day-to-day, not really knowing what to do next and having no real direction?

If you're stuck in a rut at work, it's time to wake up!Stuck in a rut? Time to wake up! It's time to take charge of your life and do something about it. You have a choice and you have control over your future. In 2012, no one can put limits on you; no one. Whatever you want to be, whatever you want to do, you have it in your power to do it, become it or achieve it! Be encouraged by this. At no other point in history has there been a better time to take charge of your life, your career and your destiny.

Only through the process of fire can you get the purest gold. Today our country and our world is under economic “fire”. If you can make it today, if you can survive today, if you can excel in business today, you can do it tomorrow.

So many people are hurting in the world today, and most of them did all the right things. Why not take that risk, step out on a limb, and try to make a difference? Many employers are looking for someone unique; why not make it easier for them to find you?

Define your goals, make them known, and do something every day to get closer to achieving them. Be prepared, stay practiced, and be persistent.


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