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15 Principles to Live By

Principles to Live By

Do you have a set of rules, principles or guidelines you try to live by? I’ve always said, Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything For the most part, that bit of advice has served me well over the past thirty years. While it’s important to have a mission for your life and a […]

Why You Should Stop Making Commitments

Stop Making Commitments

Have you ever committed to something knowing you wouldn’t follow through? Unfortunately, I have. What does false commitment do to our self-confidence? By not keeping those casual promises, what are we doing to the faith others place in us? If we’re going to increase our self-confidence and earn the trust of others, we have to […]

You Want to Lead. Now What?

Stand out as a Leader

So, you’ve decided to become a leader. Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first and one of the most important steps; you made a decision. Most people never decide to take action; they simply react to life. Making a decision is crucial and admirable; decision-making takes courage, since without decision, there would be no risk. Keep […]