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3 Reasons You Should Attend THRIVE: Make Money Matter

thrive make money matter 2017 cole hatter

Starting a business is hard work. It’s even harder work when you’re not getting the best information, when you’re not surrounding yourself with the best people, and you’re not investing your money in the best ways possible. Lucky for us, there’s a solution. And, it’s a pretty great one. Let’s talk about why you should […]

9 Things I Learned from Thrive 2015


When I first heard about the Thrive Conference, I was skeptical. To be completely honest, it seemed a little far-fetched to propose having the likes of Gary V, Keith Ferrazzi, and Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec in the same room, let alone on the same stage. But it happened. The Thrive: Make Money Matter Conference in […]

My Bad Day

bad day rain

Yesterday I had a bad day. I was tired, a little frustrated and depressed, and things just weren’t going so well. Sometimes, as an entrepreneur who mostly works from home, being an entrepreneur who works from home sucks. There are often very few distractions to keep you out of your own head. Sure, you may […]

Why It’s Impossible to Be Different (And What We Can Do About It)

impossible to be different

Sameness. Background noise. Irrelevant. Ignored. These words slap me in the face and terrify me as an entrepreneur. Like the “emo” kids and “goths” of yesteryear, we’re all trying to be different, but we all look the same. Let me explain. Want to listen? There’s an audio version below Trying to Be Human Just a […]

EP94: Becoming a Successful Coach w/ Valerie Groth (@ValerieGroth)

EP94 Valerie Groth Building a Coaching Business

Episode 94 of the Empowered Podcast features life coach, speaker, blogger, podcaster and philanthropist, Valerie Groth. If you want to become a coach, but don’t know how to get started, or, you want to charge for your services, but don’t know how to price them, this episode is for you! Today, Valerie shares how she got started […]

How to Get Your Message Heard: What I Learned From Michael Hyatt’s Platform

Platform by Michael Hyatt

When I started reading Platform by Michael Hyatt, I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to get. The amount of fantastic information this book contains is insane! Normally, I underline my books and not much else, but Platform had me dog-earing page after page. I didn’t want to forget all of the things I wanted […]