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EP82: How to Write, Publish, and Share Your Story w/ Jim Woods (@JimWoodsWrites)

EP82 Jim Woods Write Publish Share

Episode 82 of the Empowered Podcast features blogger, published author, and online teacher, Jim Woods. Today you’ll hear how Jim made the transition from government accountant, a fairly safe and secure job, to entrepreneur. He’ll share what the transition was like for his family, and he’ll let us know what he’s doing now. If you’re one […]

How You Can Empower Your 80 Percent – Part 3

How to Identify Your Organization’s 80 Percent & How You Can Empower Them Part 3 < – Back to Part 2 So far in this series we’ve learned how to identify the top and bottom ten percent of your team, how to recognize the middle eighty percent, and seen why they’re so valuable to your organization’s success. […]

How to Identify Your 80 Percent – Part 1

How to Identify Your Team’s 80 Percent & How You Can Empower Them Part 1 For the purposes of this article and this website, the “80 Percent” is used as established in this article. You want to identify your team’s eighty percent because they’re not only the heart of your organization but they’re also the largest part. I believe […]