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How to Get a College Education for (Almost) Free

How to Get a College Education for (almost) Free

Does a college education make sense today? Is the investment of time money on a college degree worth what we get in return? While I do have a college education and a bachelor’s degree, I must question whether the amount of debt students take on in order to get the degree is worth the financial […]

Are You Tired of Being You?

If You Want to Be Somebody Else

Have you ever listened to a song you’ve heard hundreds or thousands of times, but this time, it resonates with you in a different way? While listening to Pandora, I heard a favorite of mine from college. As I was getting ready for work, “Change Your Mind” by Sister Hazel was playing in the background and […]

Do You Know Your True Worth? How to Realize the Value in Your Potential

Your True Worth

Have you ever thought about your true worth? Have you ever even heard of “true worth”? True worth is something Dale Carnegie briefly mentions in his 1936 best seller,  How To Win Friends and Influence People. Though Carnegie didn’t expand on this concept, it sparked an idea in my head, and I wanted to discuss […]

When Slow is the Way to Go

There are many things in life that remain constant; death, taxes, change, things like that, but I wanted to touch on this: we all live and work in a world with people. Sometimes these people can be our greatest assets, sometimes they can can be the water that helps move us along, and sometimes they can challenge […]