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EP79: 12 Books that Shaped My Past and Created My Future [GIVEAWAY]

EP79 Books that Shaped my Future

Episode 79 of the Empowered Podcast is all about the books that shape our pasts and create our futures. Inspired by the amount of wisdom found in the 80-year-old book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I set out to find the other books that have made a significant impact on who I am today. I […]

The 4 C’s of Diamond Leadership

diamond leadership

If you asked five people to name the top quality of leadership, you’d probably get five different answers. If you asked twenty people, you’d start to notice a pattern. Regardless of what word you’d choose to best represent your ideal leader, hopefully you and I can both agree on something. Hopefully we can agree that […]

EP14: How to Discover Your Sweet Spot & Maximize Your Talent w/ Scott Fay (@ScottMFay)

The 14th episode of the Empowered Podcast features business owner, and leadership coach, Scott Fay. You’ll hear how Scott made an intentional effort to grow beyond “just a landscaper”. He’ll share how he became the right hand man to John Maxwell, as well as how you and I can discover the sweet spot in our […]

Should Businesses Treat Their Employees Like Professional Athletes?

Should Businesses Treat Their Employees Like Professional Athletes?

With all of the fame, fortune and fans, it’s easy to forget that professional sports are a business. Franchises have owners, manager and individual contributors. I wonder if businesses could learn a thing or two from professional sports, and treat their employees like professional athletes? Despite all of the things that seem to accompany the […]

Developing a Leadership Mindset

To become a successful and influential leader, you have to focus on developing a leadership mindset. Success is an indication of leadership. Leadership is an indication of success. Come with me as I explore developing a leadership mindset. Let’s look toward these 3 things first: 1: You have to see your team as a team […]