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5 Ways to Become an Expert on Any Topic

How to Become an Expert

Ever wished you were the expert? Are there certain topics that fascinate you or ones you wish you knew more about? While there’s something to be said about “just in time learning” and only learning what you need in order to get the job done, knowledge is power. And, usually, the person with the most […]

Should Businesses Treat Their Employees Like Professional Athletes?

Should Businesses Treat Their Employees Like Professional Athletes?

With all of the fame, fortune and fans, it’s easy to forget that professional sports are a business. Franchises have owners, manager and individual contributors. I wonder if businesses could learn a thing or two from professional sports, and treat their employees like professional athletes? Despite all of the things that seem to accompany the […]

Why Do We Still Have Zoos?

Why do we have zoos? Why do we bring animals from all over the world to our cities, towns and communities? With all of the information, statistics, pictures and videos on the internet, why do we still have zoos? In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell shares the story about Roseto, Pennsylvania. I won’t go into detail about Roseto’s […]