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I’m Giving Up on Evernote and Switching to OneNote

goodbye evernote hello onenote

Evernote, I’m done with you. I’ve had it. I’m moving on. I started using you six years ago, and you help me sync and store over 1100 notes in more than a dozen notebooks. I’ve talked about the power of using you several times here on my blog, but now I’m done. Want to listen? There’s an […]

The Only Business Model That Works

only business model that works

This post is an excerpt from my book Exit Strategy: The Exact Tactics to Transition from Where You Have to Be to Where You Want to Be. In today’s world, one in which the consumer has all the power, there’s only one business model that works. To get you started with the “freemium” model I’ve included Chapter […]

Why It’s Impossible to Be Different (And What We Can Do About It)

impossible to be different

Sameness. Background noise. Irrelevant. Ignored. These words slap me in the face and terrify me as an entrepreneur. Like the “emo” kids and “goths” of yesteryear, we’re all trying to be different, but we all look the same. Let me explain. Want to listen? There’s an audio version below Trying to Be Human Just a […]

Why Businesses Fail (And What You Can Do About it)

Going out of business - Why Businesses Fail

We’ve both heard the crazy statistics about how most small businesses fail. Whether they fail in the first eighteen months or over the next four years, whether it’s because of poor leadership or bad products, the odds of success are stacked against us. Every day, people like you are heading out into the unknown. Their […]

How to Get Your Message Heard: What I Learned From Michael Hyatt’s Platform

Platform by Michael Hyatt

When I started reading Platform by Michael Hyatt, I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to get. The amount of fantastic information this book contains is insane! Normally, I underline my books and not much else, but Platform had me dog-earing page after page. I didn’t want to forget all of the things I wanted […]

What If You Asked the Question?

What If You Asked the Question? Yes or No

Today’s What If Wednesday asks the question, “What if you asked the question?” There are only two possible answers to a yes or no question. The answer is either “yes” or “no.” The answer could, technically, also be “maybe.” But, with a little effort, “maybe” can sometimes be turned into a “yes.” And, with a […]