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Taking Action – How Successful People See the World

how successful people see the world take action

If you spend any time around successful people or individuals who have accomplished major goals in their life, you’ll realize that successful people see the world differently. There’s something about successful and effective people that makes them different and special. Today, I want to look at the key ingredient that makes successful people successful, why most […]

Maybe It’s Time to Consider Failure as a Viable Option. Here’s Why

Failure as a viable option

I struggle with failure. I always want to get things right. I want to avoid mistakes, perform as I expect to, and succeed at everything that I do. But that’s not reality. Growing up, I was taught, and maybe you were too, that failure wasn’t an option. I was taught that I needed to “stick […]

Should Businesses Treat Their Employees Like Professional Athletes?

Should Businesses Treat Their Employees Like Professional Athletes?

With all of the fame, fortune and fans, it’s easy to forget that professional sports are a business. Franchises have owners, manager and individual contributors. I wonder if businesses could learn a thing or two from professional sports, and treat their employees like professional athletes? Despite all of the things that seem to accompany the […]