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EP12: The Success Formula – Deliver Value First & the Money Will Come w/ Cliff Ravenscraft (@GSPN)

Cliff Ravenscraft Podcast Answer Man wide

The 12th episode of the Empowered Podcast features the Podcast Answer man himself, Cliff Ravenscraft. Cliff shares with me what it was like to leave a successful career in insurance to follow his dream of impacting the world through podcasting. He’ll share how he built his business from making $11,000 the first year, to becoming┬áthe […]

Why Does Bad Leadership Still Exist? Here Are 2 Theories

Bad Leadership

Leadership advice is everywhere. In any book store, on any magazine stand, and on almost any website, there is someone telling us how to lead better. Similar to tips about fitness and health, you could can get daily leaderships via email or even buy a leadership day-planner (who knew?) from Franklin filled with inspirational quotes. […]