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EP96: How to Get New Clients & Optimize for Results w/ Alex Harris (@Alexdesigns)

EP96 Alex Harris Conversion Rate Optimization New Clients

Episode 96 of the Empowered Podcast conversion rate and website optimization expert, Alex Harris. Today you’ll hear how Alex was able to make the transition from his day job to full-time business owner and entrepreneur after getting laid off from his dot com job almost 15 years ago. We’ll discuss how you can develop an exit strategy to […]

EP80: How to Use Your Tax Refund to Start Your Business w/ Jason Beaton

EP80 How to Use Your Tax Refund to Start Your Business with Jason Beaton

Episode 80 of the Empowered Podcast is for the aspiring entrepreneur looking for smart ways to spend their tax refund. If you’ve been chomping at the bit to start your business, but you’ve been waiting to cash your tax refund check, check out this episode! One of my oldest friends, Jason Beaton, and I talk about using […]

How to Get Your Message Heard: What I Learned From Michael Hyatt’s Platform

Platform by Michael Hyatt

When I started reading Platform by Michael Hyatt, I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to get. The amount of fantastic information this book contains is insane! Normally, I underline my books and not much else, but Platform had me dog-earing page after page. I didn’t want to forget all of the things I wanted […]