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Why Having a Chip on Your Shoulder Could Be the Best Thing for Your Success

chip on your shoulder good thing

Hey, what’s your problem? What’s wrong with you? Why are you so obsessed? Why do you have a chip on your shoulder? Be careful how you answer those questions. Having a “problem” or a “chip on your shoulder” might just be the best thing you could have if you want to be majorly successful in […]

The Top 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Empower Your Team

Top 3 Reasons You Shouldn't Empower Your Team

Empowerment. What is it? Who needs it? What’s the point? Empowering others means giving them the ability to do their jobs without your interference. It means you give them the keys to the boat and you let them drive. But is empowerment for everyone? Can you get by without it? Let’s take a look. Here […]