8 Weeks to Exit: How to Start Your Business Online

8 Weeks to Exit: How to Start Your Business Online

Over the past several years, I've gotten to meet with, talk to, get to know, and coach some really amazing people.

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But one thing is almost universal, and that's self-doubt. No matter how successful people are, they always doubt themselves whenever they think they want to try something new.

8 weeks to exit

Regardless of the obstacles they've overcome, there's always a little heckler in the back of their mind saying, “you're not that good; you're not that talented; now isn't the right time; what if you fail; I bet you'd feel pretty stupid if your friends found out what you were up to…”

And that heckler is a lying asshole.

But he's there.

And, over time, I've found that people who would otherwise want to work with me suddenly feel as if they have nothing to offer. They convince themselves that their “just not ready yet.”

And, I think I've missed an opportunity to help these people. I think I've failed in my efforts to create more entrepreneurs, and empower & equip them. I've allowed these amazing people to give into their self-doubt, give up their dreams, and settle into a quasi-comfortable daily existence.

Well, one night about a month ago, at around 2:15 am, I laid awake unable to go back to sleep. And I had an idea – to bring beginners together, and teach them what I know, in detail, and provide them with a mastermind of other beginners.

No feeling like you're behind, no feeling like you have nothing to contribute, and no feeling like you're holding everyone else back.

But an opportunity to stare self-doubt in the face and to tell your heckler to go screw himself. =)

I'm building an 8-week program to help YOU get started online, and start from the very beginning the RIGHT way. Everything I've done you can do too. Don't forget that. And this program will show you how!

8 weeks to exit

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