The Most Valuable Resource in the World

The Most Valuable Resource in the World

Close your eyes and imagine your office for a moment, or open them and look around; what do you think is the most valuable item in it? (When my wife read this article she immediately thought air, water and food, but those don't tell much of a story on leadership and success.)

The most valuable resource in the world

We've all seen the commercials for printer ink, $10, $20, $30 or more for mere ounces of that “black gold.” We've all probably had to go to the store at the most inconvenient of times and pick that tiny box up off of the shelf because we're at the mercy of our home printer.

Does this make ink the most valuable resource in the world?


What about technology? Is technology the most valuable resource where you work? I've sold millions of dollars of hardware and some of that hardware stores medical records, student records, and files that hold the thoughts and ideas of hundreds, if not thousands of people.

So is technology our greatest and most valuable resource?


So, what is a company's most valuable resource?

It's you.

Yes, you. Think about it. You cannot be replicated or duplicated. Ever. Your ideas, your behaviors, your knowledge, your experiences, all of it is completely unique to you. No one in the world is exactly like you. Even biological twins, who are as alike as any two people can possibly be, are totally unique when it comes to their tastes, talents and tendencies.

So when you start to create or develop your personal brand and step out as a leader, focus on what makes you unique and makes you, you.

As you look to stand out from the crowd, ask yourself “What makes me valuable?” Answer that question and you should be ready for any interview or life situation.

Know your worth and know happiness.


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