What If We Embraced The Change

What If We Embraced The Change

We spend so much time trying to keep things the way they are, the way the were. We try our best to fight having to learn something new, try something different or do anything with which we're not familiar.

What if we embraced the change?

What if we embraced the change?

If you're like me you get comfortable. I get comfortable with my routine, with my friends and even with my family. I like doing (mostly) the same things over and over. Every morning when I get to work, I dock my laptop, set down my coffee, grab my water cup and walk to get ice and put my lunch in the refrigerator. I do the same thing every day I go into the office. It's comfortable, it's easy, and it's my routine.

Repetition helps us get better at the activities we do often. If we want to be better at basketball or negotiating, people would tell us to “practice“. I even grew up being taught that “practice makes perfect”; which is false by the way. Practice makes permanent.

But if we look at the world today, can we really ignore the enormous amounts of change that are coming our way and how fast they're rushing toward us?

Fifteen years ago we hardly had the internet.

Ten years ago we hardly used Wi-Fi.

Five years ago most of the world didn't have smart phones.

Today we could hardly function without these technologies.

Change is inevitable. So why do we try so hard to fight it?

I think I fight change because change brings uncertainty. Uncertainty about what the future holds, uncertainty about what will happen to me and uncertainty about my ability to adapt and stay current.

What if we embraced the change instead of resisting it?

The new process, the new way the market works, or the new person that I've met; what if I embraced these changes and looked for the opportunities they present?

My new goals will be around how I can be an opportunity maximizer, not a change minimizer. As a leader, I should focus on what I can learn from change and how I can make a positive impact given my new parameters. Your life and mine are like works of art and change simply brings us a different brush with which to paint our lives. We still have our canvas and our colors, we now must find a way to keep painting with the new tools we've been given.

Change can lead to growth if we let it.

What if we embraced the change?

Tell me about some of the changes that have come your way and how you've turn them into opportunities!


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