What If You Won the Lottery?

What If You Won the Lottery?

Several months ago, the Texas Lottery was over $600 Million. People were coming from the surrounding states to play in Texas' biggest jackpot ever. While money isn't everything, and it certainly can't buy happiness, it does often make life easier.

In today's What If Wednesday, I wanted to ask,

“What if you won the lottery?”

What If You Won the Lottery?

I'm not sure if you have a lottery where you live, so to give you an idea about how it works here are two basic types.

First, there are scratch-offs. I often get these as stocking stuffers at Christmas. Scratch the coating off of these playing-card-sized tickets and you can win a few dollars. I rarely do, but they're a fun way to spend a couple bucks.

Second, comes the big Lottery. In this, you pick a set of numbers. Then, a few days later, if the ones you picked get pulled out of the official “hat,” you win big money – most of the time it's several million dollars.

Would that kind of money change your life?

Let me show you some statistics of previous lottery winners (Source):

  • 95 % – Percent who remained married after winning
  • 90 % – Probability that new family wealth will be gone by the third generation
  • 58 % – Percent of winners who’s family claims to be happier
  • 55 % – Percent of lottery winners who are happier after winning
  • 44 % – Percent of lottery winners who had spent their entire winnings within 5 years
  • 3 – Average number of friends male winners give money to
  • 1 – Average number of friends female winners give money to

If I won the lottery, I think I'd do a few things differently. Sure, I'd buy an awesome car, but I think I'd also buy my mom a new house and let her retire if she wanted.

I'd travel the world with my wife, seeing every museum and landmark that we wanted. I'd even consider buying some tickets on Richard Branson's space ship!

Check out the cool video below, and then tell me what you'd do if you won the lottery in the comments section by clicking here!


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