Who Is the Best Person On Your Team?

Who Is the Best Person On Your Team?

Worst Person on Your Team

“Who is the best person on your team?”

If you were asked that question, what would you say? How long would it take to figure out how to respond? And how do you define “best”?

Do you judge the best based solely on measured performance? But what about the teammate who comes in early, who works through lunch and stays late, but who just isn't able to make things click?

Do you judge the best based on extra-curricular activities? But what about the guy who has to leave on time so that he can pick up his kids and spend time with his family so he can have his work-life balance?

And what about the person who does many extra things, the one who coaches and mentors or the very career-minded and driven person? Are these 3 the “best” against which the “worst” would be judged?

In the end, my judgement of the best person on my team comes down to attitude. I believe that many shortcomings, many faults and many areas of weakness can be overcome by the right attitude. Conversely, many things that are otherwise pretty awesome can be destroyed by a poor or negative attitude.

If you have the right attitude, I can work with you. With the right attitude, I've been able to pick myself up after making mistakes and doing things I shouldn't have. With the right attitude, I believe you can rise above the crowd and make a positive difference in your environment.

You can't make a positive change with a negative attitude.

I've adopted that as my personal motto over the past several months and I think you should too. If you look at your team, your coworkers, or possibly even at the members of your family, who would you deem the “best”? And how much of that assessment is based on attitude?

Of course, I can't answer these questions for you. I can't define “best” or “worst” for you. But that's my intent with this article. As leaders, we are often asked challenging questions and have to make tough decisions.

I don't have all of the answers and I'm not always the “best”. But I do know I don't ever want to be… the worst.


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