Why We Moved to Cincinnati to Live the Laptop Lifestyle

Why We Moved to Cincinnati to Live the Laptop Lifestyle

At the end of March, on a cool spring morning, Ashley and I climbed into our SUV and began the 1000 mile trek to Cincinnati. We left our home on the golf course in Austin, Texas to live the laptop lifestyle in a new city, far from family and everything we knew.

It all started a couple of years ago. One afternoon, Ashley got an email from a hospital in New Zealand. They were looking for echocardiographers who might be willing to relocate to their island paradise for a year to work.

Ashley read the email out loud, and almost at the same time, we both exclaimed,

“Uh, heck ya!”

The relocation to New Zealand didn't end up happening, but the idea was planted.

Over the following few years, we discussed trying to travel. We looked at the laptop lifestyle to determine if it would fit our needs. We'd built a great life in Austin, my business was growing, and Ashley had built a great reputation in the area.

But one day, like a switch being tripped, Ashley came home and said,

“I think we should get serious about traveling. I don't think I want to stay here and do the same things for the next 30 years.”

And, if I’m being honest with you, I was always a little self-conscious about promoting the laptop lifestyle yet not living it myself. I would always say I could work from anywhere, but I was still living and working from my house.

I wasn't lying, but I still felt kind of like a fraud.

So, in March of 2018, we packed up our stuff, crammed as much into the truck as we could, and drove to start living the laptop lifestyle in Cincinnati, Ohio. We went from a 2200 square foot house overlooking the tee box to a 900 square foot high-rise apartment downtown.

Life is about adventure. Living is about experiencing what this world has to offer. Your work should enable your lifestyle, not restrict and confine it.

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