Why Your Attitude Could Be Holding You Back

Why Your Attitude Could Be Holding You Back

Everyone has an attitude. Some are good, some are bad; others inspire and others discourage.

Could your attitude be holding you back?

Positive Thinking - Why Your Attitude Could Be Holding You Back

Whenever you walk down the hall at work, do you ever notice how people are talking?

I'm not saying you should eavesdrop on your peers, but do you notice how people communicate?

Body language is something all of us use but few of us understand. Our bodies, in addition to our words, can communicate what we really mean. We must control our attitudes by changing not only what we think, but how we think.

No one likes a bad attitude. Sure, complaining and commiserating may be fun, but it gets old fast. Just like John Maxwell states in The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, a bad attitude can and will ruin an otherwise talented team. While life can throw you curveballs, and I've had my share, getting down doesn't get you anywhere. Pick yourself up, learn from the experience, and move forward.

People are naturally drawn to positive attitudes. In The Power of Positive Living, Norman Peale states that the “best way to eliminate negative thought is to instantly supplant it with a positive thought.” Stop thinking negatively! If you're reading this, you know that you can empower yourself to make a difference in your own life. Take ownership of your thoughts, figure out where you want to go and I'm sure you'll realize that a negative attitude won't help you get there.

Think about your personal brand. Do you want your brand associated with negativity?

Some of the world's most successful people had many reasons to be negative. Just when Mark Cuban was showing initiative at his job (before he made it big) he was fired. In his blog, BlogMaverick.com, Mark states that “It’s always the little decisions that have the biggest impact. We all have to make that “make or break” call to follow orders or do what you know is right.”

So, what did Mark do?

He says, “I just had to face facts and move on.”

We cannot always change what happens to us but, what we can change, what we must change, is how we handle those things. In today's world, where negative attitudes seem to be all around us, what a wonderful impact you could make, and really stand out as a leader if you could be more positive.

One thing that has been my personal motto for the past several weeks, and what I will leave you with, is this:

You can't make a positive change with a negative attitude.

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