Ways to Double Your Blog Traffic

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Double Your Blog Traffic

Are you trying to get more readers to your blog and increase your blog traffic? Have you been trying to find something that will make the difference for you? If you can relate, congratulations, you’re normal! I’ve been right where you are now. While I definitely don’t have this thing we call blogging “mastered,” that’s […]

EP53 How to Connect Better 700

EP53: How to Connect Better & See More Success

Episode 53 the Empowered Podcast is all about providing the tools for success. No guest today, just me sharing some of the techniques which will help you connect better and see more success in life. These skills are what made me successful in my corporate job. I talk about things you can do to connect with […]

Why Every Business Needs a Blog

Every Business Needs a Blog. Here are 3 Reasons Why.

Every business needs a blog. There, I said it. Whether you’re trying to share your personality, provide a behind the scenes look, or chronicle your journey, blogging is a fantastic way to do it. But, when it comes to creating a successful blog, it’s not quite as simple as the good, the bad, and the ugly. Breaking […]

EP52: Masterminds with Justin Carper

EP52: Why Every Successful Person Needs a Mastermind with @Justin_Carper

Episode 52 of the Empowered Podcast features my friend and mastermind group member, Justin Carper. Justin and I have been in a mastermind together for most of the past year. He and I talk about the value of having a mastermind and why every successful person needs one. If you’ve ever considered joining a mastermind, […]

Excellence is overrated and what to focus on instead

Excellence is Overrated. Focus on This Instead

Are you a perfectionist? Do you strive for excellence in everything you do? You might believe focusing on excellence is working for you, but it isn’t. Excellence is overrated. Let’s look at the reality of driving for excellence in everything you do. Let’s see why it’s overrated, and what you should focus on instead. Over the past […]

EP51 Christina Canters

EP51: Becoming Location Independent with Christina Canters (@CJCanters)

Episode 51 of the Empowered Podcast features freelance writer, world-traveler, and creative marketing expert, Christina Canters. You’ll hear Christina and I talk about how she became location independent, how she picked up and left Australia to travel the world, and how things are working out for her. She shares her ups, downs, and her passion for great […]

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Stuck in a rut? or Full steam ahead

Stuck in a Rut?

Are you stuck in a rut? If you've ever looked at your life and wondered how you got to where you are, and feel like you're struggling to get anywhere, read on and post your comments below. Loosely defined as a fixed or established mode or course of life, … [Read More...]

What If You Won the Lottery?

What If You Won the Lottery?

Several months ago, the Texas Lottery was over $600 Million. People were coming from the surrounding states to play in Texas' biggest jackpot ever. While money isn't everything, and it certainly can't buy happiness, it does often make life easier. In … [Read More...]

5 Things to Start Doing This Week

5 Things to Start Doing This Week

I'm always looking for new things to try that could give me an edge and help me be more successful. In an attempt to learn from a few of my peers, I asked them about things that they wanted to start doing. We shared ideas and came up with a solid list. Here … [Read More...]

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