Podcast Studio

Podcasting Essentials: How to Create a Podcast Studio in a Bag

Have you ever thought about taking your podcast on the road? Have you wondered how you could record an episode somewhere other than your studio? Podcasting is such an incredible way to share the stories of inspiring people. However, getting world travelers into your home-office, or onto a Skype call, can be difficult. When I […]

How to Connect Better Sell More Boost Bottom Line

How to Connect Better, Sell More, and Boost Your Bottom Line

Have you ever been called socially awkward? Have you ever wished you could connect with everyone? When it comes to predicting future success, how well you connect with other people is a determining factor. When I worked my Corporate job, I had people at all levels of the business asking me how to build better […]

EP56 Jon Harrison is Classically Trained

EP56: How to Merge Your Passions for a Happy Life w/ Jon D Harrison (@CT_blog)

Episode 56 of the Empowered Podcast features professional blogger, leadership expert and video game guru, Jon Harrison. Jon and I met a few years ago when he was blogging about leadership and personal development. Recently, however, he changed topics. He realized his passion was for vintage and classic video games. He asked himself how he […]

WordPress Plugins for Business

21 WordPress Plugins I Wouldn’t Run My Business Without

If you’re about to begin your journey of online business, you’ll most likely come across the name “WordPress.” WordPress is a framework. It’s like the frame of your car; it holds everything together and makes it work. You still need an engine (hosting), you still need to give it a coat of paint (themes), but […]

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7 Types of People Successful People Avoid

7 Types of People Successful People Avoid

Have you ever met someone who was "toxic?" Not every personality type is one that you should keep around. Have you ever met someone who was "a little too happy?" Not every world-view will help you and I become successful people. If you agree with … [Read More...]

work-life balance

2 Practical Steps to Achieve Work-life Balance

Work-life balance is the balancing of the time you spend at work and the time you spend living your life. Not working too much as well as not playing too much. The work-life balance seems to be something we strive toward; every HR department says they provide … [Read More...]