EP65 Sean Ackerman You Leading You

EP65: Collaboration not competition w/ Sean Ackerman (@YouLeadingYou)

One of the best things I’ve done with my 2014 is to focus on collaboration instead of competition. In episode 65 of the Empowered Podcast, Sean Ackerman and I talk about the value of working together instead of apart or against one another. If you’ve ever suffered from a scarcity mindset, or know someone who […]

Success Lessons from a Would-Be Client

Success Lessons from a Would-Be Coaching Client

A few days ago I spoke to an acquaintance of mine about coaching. She and I have known each other for almost a year, and she was thinking about hiring me as her coach. What we talked about, the questions she had, and the mindset she’s got, can be a lesson about success for all […]

EP64 Jessica Rhodes

EP64: Get Focused and Take Massive Action with Jessica Rhodes (@JessRhodesESS)

Episode 64 of the Empowered Podcast features business owner, virtual assistant, and my favorite interview connector, Jessica Rhodes. Jessica and I get into the details of what it’s like to start a business. We talk finance, a little bit about taxes and how to legally form your business. Jessica shares her journey and it’s one […]

How to Get Blog Post Ideas

How to Get More Yardage from Every Blog Post

Have you ever struggled to find new content ideas for your blog? Ever sat and stared at your computer screen wondering when the words will come? I have. I’ve struggled to find new blog topics, been challenged to come up with fresh content, and come up short several times. If you want to grow your blog’s […]

4 Reasons to Release a $10 Product Immediately

4 Reasons to Release a $10 Product ASAP

Over the past few weeks I’ve had several conversations with aspiring entrepreneurs. They’re eager to start making money online and they want to know more about launching products. A friend in Canada who learned his work contract hadn’t been renewed. A fitness professional in Texas trying to sell high-end services to personal trainers. Even a […]

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Build the Brand of You - Michael Peggs - Do You

EP60: How to Build the Brand of You w/ Michael Peggs (@MichaelPeggs)

Episode 60 of the Empowered Podcast features entrepreneur, personal branding specialist and blogger, Michael Peggs. Today Michael and I discuss why he left his job at Google to pursue entrepreneurship. He’ll share why building a personal brand is so important. Peggs also answers the question, “When will Google be able to hear?” – a question […]

Disqus vs Livefyre I switched plugins

Disqus vs Livefyre – Why I Switched Comment Plugins (And Back Again)

When it comes to blogging, comments are huge! They’re not only an indicator of your effectiveness as a blogger, but comments are a good way to determine if you’re connecting with your audience. It’s easier to click “like,” “tweet,” or “share this” than it is to leave a comment. If a reader takes the time […]

Stand Out and Own Your Uniqueness Laci Urcioli

EP59: How to Stand Out & Own Your Uniqueness with Laci Urcioli (@lacivegas)

Episode 59 of the Empowered Podcast features podcaster, mother and marketing master, Laci Urcioli. When Laci was first introduced to the world of podcasting, she wasn’t impressed. And I can’t blame her. In this episode we talk about the barrier to entry for podcasters, and how to overcome it. Laci also shares how she’s now […]

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CY4: Opportunity

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Creating Your Own Personal Cloud

How to Create Your Own Personal Cloud

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EP1: Epic Introduction to the Empowered Podcast

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What I've Learned About Successful People

What I’ve Learned About Successful People

Since I started my podcast I have learned a great deal. I've spoken with deca-millionaires, inspirational bloggers, two ex-military types with hearts of joy, and even one of the most famous icons in the industry. I won't tell you who they are, you'll have to … [Read More...]