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5 SEO tips

5 SEO Tips You Can Implement in 5 Minutes or Less

We’re all looking for ways we can rank higher on Google. Every good blogger and website owner knows the value of search traffic. But is SEO as easy as we want it to be? Or, is SEO the magic box we all throw our sites into hoping we get lucky on the other side? First, […]

Podcast No-No Things to Avoid 700

11 Big No-Nos for Podcast Hosts

When I started podcasting, like many new podcasters, I didn’t know what I was getting into. Though I’d been blogging a while, I didn’t know what protocols, procedures or processes (are those the same thing?) went into producing a show. Most people don’t know this, but I made some pretty big mistakes when starting out. […]

EP76 Email Marketing Tools

EP76: Email Marketing for the Modern Entreprenuer

Episode 76 of the Empowered Podcast all about Email Marketing services you can use for your growing blog, podcast or business. Specifically, we take a deeper look at MailChimp, AWeber, and GetResponse. When I first started, I used MailChimp. While it took me a few years, I realized I wanted to do more with my […]

Redefine Normal

Redefining Normal

Every time I take a shower at my friend’s house I feel weird. The experience is kinda gross and I always feel slimy afterward. See, my friends live in East Texas. Where they live, the water is soft. Where I live, the water is hard. There’s so much salt and hard water in the ground, […]

EP75 Reponsibility of Entrepreneurship

EP75: How to Take Responsibility for Your Success

Episode 75 of the Empowered Podcast talks about responsibility, taking it, and the unexpected consequences of owning your own success. I also talk about the weight of entrepreneurship, an awesome new social media tool, and a web conferencing service I’ve started using for all of my coaching and mastermind calls. Share a tweet about the […]

Focusing on the Next Right Step

The Power of Focus

Do you ever struggle to figure out what to do next? Is your head flooded with so many ideas that you get sidetracked and stalled? Most entrepreneurs, or “want-repreneurs”, have no shortage of great ideas for projects. They wake up every morning feeling like they could take on the world, and go to bed every […]

Sponge theory of Growth

The Right Way to Grow: The Sponge Theory

To grow, we have to expand beyond our current boundaries. Whether these boundaries are physical or psychological, we can’t get where we want to go while staying where we are. Like a sponge, we have to expand to take on more knowledge and resources. Also, like a sponge, we have to get rid of the extra weight […]

EP74 The Little things That have a Huge Impact

EP74: The Little Things that Have a Huge Impact on Your Business

Episode 74 of the Empowered Podcast is all about the little things in or lives, blogs, podcasts and businesses, that lead to big results. You’ll hear about 5 Key Areas of Detail where you can add that extra amount of care and attention to deliver incredible boosts to your brand and business. Send a Tweet About the […]

Essential Tools for Startup Businesses

12 Essential Tools for Your Startup Business

If you’re like me, you didn’t go to business school. You don’t have a background in finance, and your parents weren’t entrepreneurs. Also, if you’re like me, you’re building a startup business one step at a time. You’re figuring things out along the way, getting many things right, and other things, well… they’re “learning” experiences. […]

EP73 Nicole Lapin Rich Bitch

EP73: Empowering Women for Entrepreneurship w/ Nicole Lapin (@NicoleLapin)

Episode 73 of the Empowered Podcast features author, TV personality and producer, entrepreneur and financial expert, Nicole Lapin. You’ll hear how Nicole became one of the youngest female anchors on a national news channel, how she started her own production company, as well as how (and why) she wrote her own book. Nicole Lapin truly […]

The Power of Storytelling

Entertain THEN Inform: The Power of Story Telling

One of my favorite teachers in high school was Mr. Coleman. He was always up for talking about the latest movies, books and stories. He was in his mid-twenties when he became a teacher at my school. Mr. Coleman always had a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye; kinda like a […]

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Choose Yourself Podcast Ellory Wells

CY3: Will You Choose Insanity or Discovery

Welcome to the Choose Yourself podcast! I'm your host, Ellory Wells. This podcast will help motivate and inspire you to choose yourself as the master of your own destiny and the architect of your success. We cannot get anywhere in life by staying … [Read More...]

How to Come up with Killer Blog Post Ideas

How to Come up with Killer Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger, have you ever struggled to come up with new blog post ideas? If you are creating content for your business, are you always on the lookout for new topics to share? When it comes to writing, one of the most common questions I get asked … [Read More...]

No internet - What Happened When the Lights Went Out

What Happened When the Lights Went Out

Not everyone handles things the same way. Some people react well, others freak out, others still get angry, defensive, aggressive or just plain crazy. While it's easy to say that we're all different, and therefore react differently, not all responses are good … [Read More...]