Ellory Wells_Adventures_in_Florida

Where Has Ellory Been? aka My Adventures in Florida

This past week I’ve been in Florida. Mostly on vacation, but also for a fantastic time meeting podcasters, connecting with new friends, and even a little business too. I thought I’d take a minute to thank a few people and update you on my adventures of the past week. I’ve had some really great experiences the past 6 […]

EP44 Amy Schmittauer Savvy Sexy Social

EP44: How to Market Yourself with Amy Schmittauer (@schmittastic)

Episode 44 of the Empowered Podcast features marketing expert, social media star, and business woman, Amy Schmittauer. I was eager to talk to Amy and learn how she’s able to put so much of her personality into her business. I’ve always enjoyed her YouTube videos on marketing and social media. Amy’s such a cool person […]

EP43 Chris Cerrone

EP43: Offline Expertise to Online Dominance with Chris Cerrone (@bluegeno)

Episode 43 the Empowered Podcast features professional podcaster, media mogul and all-around awesome dude, Chris Cerrone! I’m really honored to have my friend Chris on the show today. He and I talk about how he took the podcasting world by storm, how he’s creating a brand online, and why he got started in the first […]

EP42 Lawana Gladney

EP42: Success Begins in the Mind with Dr. Lawana Gladney (@DrGladney)

Episode 42 of the Empowered Podcast features renowned speaker, author, and emotional wellness doctor, Dr. Lawana Gladney. Though she started her career as an elementary school teacher, she now shares her message through her best-selling books and on TV shows across the country. Dr. Gladney owns her own company and changes the world with her […]

Going out of business - Why Businesses Fail

Why Businesses Fail (And What You Can Do About it)

We’ve both heard the crazy statistics about how most small businesses fail. Whether they fail in the first eighteen months or over the next four years, whether it’s because of poor leadership or bad products, the odds of success are stacked against us. Every day, people like you are heading out into the unknown. Their […]

EP41: Building Online in the Off Hours with Jeff Stephens

EP41: Building Online in the Off Hours with Jeff Stephens (@CrazyDadLife)

Today I talk with Jeff Stephens of Crazy.Dad.Life. Jeff has a wife and kids plus a full-time job, as well as a full time job as a daughter-chauffeur. I wanted to talk to Jeff and find out how he’s able to blog, podcast, and build an online business all while juggling so many other responsibilities. […]

Start an Online Business with Your Offline Expertise

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