Kary Oberbrunner Day Job to Dream Job

EP48: Making the Leap from Day Job to Dream Job with @KaryOberbrunner

Kary Oberbrunner is on the show today! In Episode 48 of the Empowered Podcast we talk about the prison that is corporate America. Kary and I share our stories about working our Day Jobs and how we made the transition to our Dream Jobs. Thank Kary for being on the show! Kary’s Mission: To show you […]

Principles to Live By

15 Principles to Live By

Do you have a set of rules, principles or guidelines you try to live by? I’ve always said, Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything For the most part, that bit of advice has served me well over the past thirty years. While it’s important to have a mission for your life and a […]

Beginner's Guide to Twitter

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

Joining Twitter wasn’t a decision I made lightly. Whenever I finally decided to pull the trigger, I didn’t know what I was getting in to. I didn’t know how Twitter worked, and I didn’t know how to make it count for my brand or for my business. I want you to enjoy Twitter and see […]

Mobile Video Production in a Bag

How to Create a Mobile Video Production Studio in a Bag

Have you ever been out at restaurant, or in the park, and wanted to shoot a video for your blog or website? As your online business grows, you may want to start creating quality videos on the go, whenever and wherever the excitement happens. With the right equipment, and a modest budget, you can create […]

Start an Online Business with Your Offline Expertise

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Positive Thinking, Why Your Attitude Could Be Holding You Back

Why Your Attitude Could Be Holding You Back

Everyone has an attitude. Some are good, some are bad; others inspire and others discourage. Could your attitude be holding you back? Whenever you walk down the hall at work, do you ever notice how people are talking? I'm not saying you should … [Read More...]

Bad Leadership

Why Bad Leadership Still Exists

Leadership advice is everywhere. In any book store, on any magazine stand, and on almost any website, there is someone telling us how to lead better. Similar to tips about fitness and health, you could can get daily leaderships via email or even buy a … [Read More...]

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