How to Overcome Your Fear of Being Too "Salesy" [VIDEO]

How to Overcome Your Fear of Being Too “Salesy” [VIDEO]

Is self-confidence a challenge for you? Do you struggle with selling your products? Have you hindered your success because you didn't want to be too “salesy?”

If you can relate to any one of those things, you're not alone. In fact, I've had all of those issues myself.

I recently started working with a new client who didn't want to be too “salesy.” He believes in his product, but he doesn't yet feel comfortable selling himself and his business to prospective clients.

When my client asked me about how far is too far, how should think about my business when writing sales copy, and how should I work through this… this is what I told him.

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Here's a full transcript:

I'm kind of where you are we all like buying I don't think anybody likes being “sold” but from… and this isn't necessarily about you specifically it could be, I don't know yet, but most people could be MORE salesy or promote themselves sometimes quite a bit more without crossing the line to becoming annoying.

Because, if you haven't heard me talk about this you will, you HAVE to believe that what you're selling is what people need.

You have to believe that you have the glass of water and you are hunting for people who are dying of thirst and you will save their life.

Because here's the reality, and I hope this sinks in, it always churns people's gut a little bit, somebody's going to go out of business in 6 months because you didn't help them.

You have the knowledge that will help somebody get their costs down so they can keep their lights on, and you've got to share it.

You have the knowledge that will help somebody renegotiate a contract so their profits go up so they can stay in business so that they can make their house payment.

And when you start thinking of your business as the glass of water thirsty people need, you are armed with a different set of tools and a different mindset to go into a conversation and sell yourself.

Again, nobody wants to be sold, but we don't mind buying things if we think it can help us.

That's the kind of belief you have to have when you go into a conversation.

And, it may be uncomfortable until you start getting feedback from customers that say:

“I didn't know how I was going to make the payments next time. Everybody kept raising their costs, I couldn't raise my costs on my clients because I was in a contract with them or, the market wouldn't support it or, I didn't feel comfortable but, my suppliers were raising their costs and I just saw my profit margins going down and down. Your resource really helped, and I just wanted to email you, or call you and leave this voicemail for you, and just say thank you!”

You're going to get that email; you're going to get that feedback, but you've got to have enough belief in yourself to be bold enough to make that claim. And you'll get it once you've helped enough people keep their lights on.

Of course, I edited this video to protect my client's privacy, and I added the music, but that's what I advised.

If you want to be successful in sales, you must believe that what you have is what people need.

Sales people aren't evil, and selling isn't wrong. Sales and commerce make the world a better place, and you can sell without being “salesy.”

How have you overcome your fear of being “salesy?”



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